8 Habits You Need to Lock Down for a Strong, Healthy Mind and Body

What does a complete, all-encompassing plan for maximizing our physical and mental well-being look like? That’s a question that’s been on my mind for some...

Man Loses 90 Pounds by Changing His Outlook on Success, Inspires Us with His...

When he couldn’t recognize himself in photos anymore, Andrew Kam decided it was time to take control of his health for good. At his...
7 Rituals to Increase Your Physical and Mental Energy

5 Rituals to Increase Your Physical and Mental Energy

When I first started writing seriously, I was waking up at 5:00am and had a little over two hours to do my thing before...
Mike Ewing Transformation

This Father Lost 75 Pounds by Shifting His Priorities After Health Scare

When Mike Ewing's weight started to take a toll on his health he underwent a major transformation to ensure he could be there for his daughters.

5 Critical Steps to Help You Go to Sleep Faster

When I was younger, I suffered from insomnia. It wasn’t uncommon for me to need one to two hours to fall asleep. Until you go...

Big Brother Loses 175 Pounds to Donate His Kidney and Save His Little Sister

Jonathan Coronado found out he was a match to be a kidney donor for his then 13-year-old sister, only he was too overweight to qualify.
The Science Behind a Good Nights Sleep

The Science Behind a Good Night’s Sleep

For many of us, getting a consistent amount of sleep every night is a challenge at the best of times. Yet it’s when our...

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