Big Brother Loses 175 Pounds to Donate His Kidney and Save His Little Sister

Jonathan Coronado found out he was a match to be a kidney donor for his then 13-year-old sister, only he was too overweight to qualify.
kate adams before and after

This Woman Lost 108 Pounds After Surviving a Heart Attack

After Kate Adams survived a heart attack and began cardiac rehabilitation, she quickly realized it was time to make lasting change.

This Man Lost 92 Pounds to Be a Better Dad and Take His Life...

When a family hiking excursion left Jeremiah Peterson out of breath, he realized it was time to focus on his health.

Beyond the Sun: 6 Unexpected Reasons You Need Vitamin D

As summer is entering its last few weeks of high season, you might be mourning the sun already. Especially if you happen...

9 Ways to Defeat Insomnia — and Get a Better Night’s Sleep

For people who suffer from insomnia, each night can be a struggle, a constant effort to sleep with little or no success.
Randi Vasquez

How She Lost 80 Pounds by Creating New Habits, One Step at a Time

When Randi Vasquez realized her weight was starting to affect her work as a wedding photographer, she decided it was time to...

Alex Trebek Shares Inspiring and Encouraging News About His Cancer Battle

The world was devastated to learn a few months ago that beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic...

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