Why Eminem’s Long-Awaited Apology To Rihanna About Her Assault Still Matters

Eminem is making amends. The rapper has said a lot of controversial, incendiary things over the years, but many believe that he...

After Years Of Battling Her Demons, She Took Charge and Lost 165 Pounds

After years of battling food addiction, depression and substance abuse, Courtney Maguire decided to quit drinking and turn her life around.

After Nearly Dying, This Man Lost Over 250 Pounds And Went After His Dream

After a nearly fatal asthma attack, John Arpino decided he would do everything to put his life back on track.

At 372 lbs, She Went From Struggling To Move Around To Being 200 lbs...

At 23, Simone Anderson tipped the scales at 372 pounds and struggled to walk up her own driveway. It was time to make some changes.

After Getting Engaged, He Found The Motivation To Lose Over 300 Pounds

After proposing to his high school sweetheart, Caila, in 2015, John Allaire decided he needed to transform his life following a lifetime of battling weight issues.

After Her Husband Died, She Confronted Her Demons and Lost 400 Pounds

When Paula Jones’ husband died suddenly due to weight-related complications, she became terrified at the idea of dying herself and leaving their four children parentless. Thus began her inspiring journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Why John Cena’s Marriage With Shay Shariatzadeh Has People Talking

John Cena's marriage with Shay Shariatzadeh took people by surprise but also prompted a discussion about marriage, especially in light of his breakup with Nikki Bella. Here's what we can learn from John Cena's sudden leap of faith.

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