How Depression Helped Michael Phelps Find His Purpose

Michael Phelps - Dream & Live Video Transcript: "People won't have to deal with the BS that I give them or the crap I put them...

Tom Bilyeu | How to Find Your Talent

Tom Bilyeu - Take Action Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition and co-founder & CEO of Impact Theory, reveals how this shift in mindset helped...

How to Find Your Passion (Even If You Feel Lost and Demotivated)

Few things can fill your life with a sense of energy and fulfillment like pursuing your passion. To discover what you love to do and...

Millionaire Invites Homeless Couple To Live With Him In His $4 Million Mansion

When Terry McGrath heard of Greg Dunston and Marie Mckinzie's decade-long struggle with homelessness, he knew he had to do something. Despite the backlash from his neighbor, Terry proved that love and compassion always win.
Steven Spielberg - Listen to Your Intuitionvideo

Steven Spielberg: Listen to Your Intuition

Steven Spielberg - Listen to Your Intuition Steven Spielberg shares his own story of self-discovery, and urges all of us to learn to listen to...

5 Acts of Kindness That Will Fill You with Purpose and Joy

Kindness is often relegated to the far reaches of our mind. We’re so busy trying to get things done that we forget how powerful it...
Envision your work-life harmony, then build it

The Benefits of Creating a Vision Board

Things like vision boards get a bad rap. I’ve been interested in self-improvement and highly goal-oriented for more than a decade, but years ago I...

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