Tony Robbins – What Are You Gonna Focus On?

Tony Robbins invites us to look back at the decisions that have shaped our lives. Transcript: "If decisions shape destiny, what determines it is three decisions....

Rowan Atkinson – A Little Grace (Video)

Rowan Atkinson - A Little Grace (Video) "How we deal in life with the problems that we have to face? Sometimes it's a question of...

Tyrese Gibson Encourages Us To Ignore the Dream Killers

Tyrese Gibson - Dream Big "I have a habit of dreaming with my eyes open. People that don't have any dreams for themselves; they tend...

Terry Crews: The Comfort Zone Is Dangerous

"Why am I aiming here, and walking over here?" - Terry Crews
Take Your Life to the Next Level

Using Natural Laws to Take Your Life to the Next Level

Joy. Balance. Accomplishment. Are you looking for these things in your life? Maybe you have joy, would you like more? I doubt anyone would...
Tupac Shakur - Stir Up Trouble, Spark Changevideo

Tupac Shakur: Stir Up Trouble, Spark Change

Tupac Shakur - Spark Change Hip-hop artist 2Pac talks about the importance of speaking your mind and stirring up trouble, so that you can spark the...
Positive psychology - 10 emotions

Positive Psychology Tells Us to Cultivate These 10 Emotions Daily

As a life skills coach and educator, I speak to a lot of people about their lives and desires. And whether it is about...

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