The Difference Between Spirituality and Religion – And Why It Matters in Today’s World

One's everyday life is never capable of being separated from his spiritual being. Mahatma Ghandi Ghandi said it quite succinctly, I believe. Spirituality is a part...

Will Smith Gets Spiritual on Instagram, Shares Powerful Message About Faith and Overcoming Fear

Will Smith’s charm and down-to-earth character has helped him gain more than 15 million followers on Instagram just four months after joining the social...
Yes You Can: How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Grow Stronger

Feeling Powerless? These Immediate Actions Will Help You Regain Hope

Sometimes, we feel like there’s nothing we can do. We see something happen in the world, something out of our control happens to us, and we...
Meditation phone app

Are Meditation Apps Missing the Point of Mindfulness?

There are around 500 different types of app associated with mindfulness in Apple’s App Store alone, but are they missing the point?
Awaken the Fire Within: 5 Ways to Connect With Your Spiritual Flame

Awaken the Fire Within: 5 Ways to Connect to Your Spiritual Flame

We are innately strong, resolute and purposeful. Our spirituality is engrained and embedded into the gears of our existence. You don’t have a soul,...
Can You Lose Your Religion But Keep Faith?

Can You Lose Your Religion But Keep Faith?

I do not go to church. I own more than one copy of the Holy Bible. I own more than one copy of the...

Astrologers On What Spring Will Bring, Based On Your Sign

As much as we’d all love to have the answers to the complexities in our heart and mind, no one ever really...

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