Woman Lost 70 lbs And Turned Her Life Around After A Sudden Wake-up Call

Tiffany Hatfield weighed 196 lbs when she embarked upon a weight loss transformation journey losing 70 lbs and becoming a personal trainer.

Red Cross Worker Gets Harassed For Giving Migrant A Hug, Thousands Rally In Outrage

The incredible thing about the Internet is that just when you think it has completely let you down, it can turn around...

Why We Need To Talk About Luke Bryan’s Comment On Katy Perry’s Hairy Legs

Even though Luke Bryan thinks highly of Katy Perry, he still made a passing comment on her body hair. Here's why we need to talk about this.

At 50, Gwen Stefani Found Love With Blake Shelton After Overcoming Infidelity

After overcoming a lot of hurdles after her divorce from her ex-husband, Gwen Stefani finally found her happily-ever-after with Blake Shelton.

Beloved Cook Sobs When Given Mortgage By Frat Brothers She Used To Take Care...

A frat house cook put her heart and soul into her job. Now three decades later, the frat gave her an incredible...
Nick Vujicic - I Am Not Disabledvideo

Nick Vujicic: I Am Not Disabled

Nick Vujicic - There Is Hope Born without arms and legs, Nick Vujicic thought he would never know happiness. But then he found his purpose,...
Mark Zuckerberg talks about finding your purposevideo

Mark Zuckerberg: You Have a Higher Purpose

Mark Zuckerberg - Get Started Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks about his own path to discovering his purpose, and urges us all to have...

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