Elon Musk on accepting fear: Accept the Probability of Defeatvideo

Elon Musk: Accept the Probability of Defeat

Elon Musk - Accept Your Fear Innovator and billionaire Elon Musk says that you can diminish your fears by accepting the likelihood of defeat, but...

George R.R Martin: Good and Evil

George R. R. Martin - Make The Right Choices George R.R Martin gives an interview and speaks about the good and evil that is present...

Tony Robbins: I Was Broke

Tony Robbins - Give Tony Robbins tells a story about struggling financially but still staying optimistic and believing in generosity despite his difficult circumstances. Transcript: I was...

Jocko Willink | This is How You Solve Every Problem, the Navy SEAL Way

Jocko Willink - Fight Hard English major and Navy SEAL. podcaster and author, Jocko Willink has faced all kinds of problems from every angle. In...

Reboot Your Outlook On Life with These Classes On Building Happiness

The old adage is true: you simply can’t buy happiness. Longterm contentment and satisfaction with the self doesn’t fit in a jar, can’t be programmed onto a blue-ray disk, and won’t fit in a handbag. What you can buy, however, are strategies for achieving happiness that you can practice in your own free time as much as you want. And that’s what we’re offering with this special Habits of Happiness Bundle -- not a simple get-happy-quick scheme or a promise of immediate results, but tips, tricks and disciplines that’ll help you put your own life on a path toward something more satisfying.

Determined Couple Loses 215 Pounds Together By Supporting Each Other

After welcoming their second daughter into the world, Jasmine Parent and her partner Jeremy Crawley made a commitment to transform their lives...

How Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian Set The Foundation For Lasting Love

What Travis Barker adores most about Kourtney Kardashian would make Cupid sigh. Their love revealed 

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