Rusty Labuschagne | How To Survive, Free Your Mind And Forgive

Rusty Labuschagne - The Power of Forgiveness He was jailed in a notorious prison for a crime that didn't even happen. Survivor Rusty Labuschagne paints...

50 Cent: Selling Drugs at 12

50 Cent - Believe in Yourself 50 Cent discusses his rough childhood and how he went from nothing to something just by believing in himself. Transcript:  Speaker...
How the Grinch Stole Christmas

10 Emotionally Impactful Holiday Movies to Watch on Netflix

There are a lot of great things about the holidays: the lights, the smell of fresh Christmas trees, good ol’ holiday music, and gifts...
Terry Crews

The Mistakes That Taught Terry Crews How to Be a Man

Terry Crews' unusual journey to becoming a complex, modern man has been filled with powerful statements and mistakes. Here's what we can learn from him.

Hero of the Week: Jay-Z Disrupts His Concert to Empower a 9-Year-Old Fan

Jay-Z stopped his concert in Cleveland, Ohio last week, when he spotted a 9-year-old fan in the audience. The spontaneous conversation encouraging the young...

Why You Should Learn New Things at Any Age

Chances are, you lead a busy life. Which means your brain’s already packed with the information you need to get through the day. So...
Richard James adair jr

Motivated and Inspired By His Wife, This Man Lost 100 Pounds

Richard James Adair Jr struggled to take charge of his health until his wife's transformation inspired him to make a change.

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