Why John Legend Had To Forgive His Mother To Become a Better Man

John Legend may seem like he has the perfect family with Chrissy Teigen but his own upbringing wasn't without its hardships.

Teen Attaches Over 40 Uplifting Messages to Bridge, Helps Save Multiple Lives

In a world of constant sadness and setbacks, it’s easy to think we can’t make a difference, but one teenager’s small act of kindness...

What Chrissy Teigen’s Miscarriage Tells Us About Grief and Stigma Around Pregnancy Loss

Chrissy Teigen decided to publicly announce her miscarriage, exposing herself at her most vulnerable state. In doing so, she also helps in changing the we we think and talk about pregnancy loss.

Randy Pausch: This is the Wisdom a Dying Professor Shares in His Last Lecture

Randy Pausch - Live the Right Way Dying of cancer, Professor Randy Pausch imparts his final words of wisdom in this moving last lecture that...

Scott Steindorff: Killing Myself with Drugs and Alcohol

Scott Steindorff - Be Your Authentic Self Movie producer Scott Steindorff gives an interview about overcoming substance abuse and how he won the internal battle...

This Man Lost 303 Pounds After Deciding He Was Not Ready To Die

Jermaine Gause had reached a critical weight of 639 pounds when he decided he wanted to save himself by embarking on his weight loss journey.

Online Dating Has Its Unexpected Good Sides, Especially In Self-Quarantine Times

While online dating has led many a person to become disillusioned with the whole dating industry, it can also be surprisingly effective in creating connections when situations aren't necessarily favorable. Take the coronavirus pandemic for example!

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