Quick-Thinking Man Acts Like Woman’s Friend To Save Her From Potential Assault

One Tik-Toker's improv job saved a young woman from a potentially dangerous situation. Creep-up on aisle 5

Wife Trusts Her Gut And Insists On Medical Intervention That Saves Husband’s Life

Sometimes there are moments where everything can change, like when Michael Hooky Walker decided to go out for a quick motorcycle ride...

Stranger Risks Her Life To Help Woman Escape Ax-Wielding Attacker Chasing Her

A heroic stranger swooped in to save a woman who was running for her life when a man spontaneously started chasing her...

Woman Finds Love With Stranger Who Donated Half His Liver To Save Her Life

Organ donors give the gift of life, and they do so selflessly, often not knowing anything about the recipient.
Dion Merrick and Brandon Antoine

Brave Sanitation Workers Intercept Kidnapper To Save 10-Year-Old Girl’s Life

Two Louisiana sanitation workers are being called heroes for rescuing a young girl and making sure her abductor couldn't escape.

America’s Best Boss Dan Price Is Speaking Out Against Stock Market Injustices

The stock market has been in the news more than ever over the past few weeks, as less successful stocks have been...

Woman Narrowly Escapes Tactic Used By Human Traffickers By Walking Into TJMaxx

Sometimes safety – and saving others – is all about being in the right place at the right time. For two observant...

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