Walmart Employee Gets Fired For Saving Woman From Assault, Customers Have Best Response

A brave Walmart employee who battled three men while defending a woman was fired, sparking outrage. Foul play 

Woman’s Drink Is Drugged, What Bar Staff Does Next Is Lesson To Everyone

Thousands are raising their glasses to a bar that went to incredible lengths to protect its female patrons.

Rude Client Rejects Single Dad For Bringing Daughter To Work, Community Has Best Response

One father's rude run-in with a close-minded client got an unexpected reaction while shedding light on the struggles of single parenthood.

Quick-Thinking Man Stops Terrifying Kidnapping Attempt In Broad Daylight

In a scene straight out of a UFC event, one brave park-goer used his martial arts skills to save a mother's infant...

Janitor Who Amassed $8M In Secret Shocks Whole Town After His Death

One unassuming man left a generous legacy for an entire town. Simple man By all...
NFL Player Saves Woman Assault

Patriots Player Rescues 71-Year-Old Woman From Vicious Assault

One NFL player's biggest moment came far away from the field, but counted for much more. Foul play...

Dad Gets Shamed For Video Of Daughter With Down Syndrome – Then, An Amazing...

One father in England defended his daughter against online trolls and found some famous allies in the process.

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