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This Puppy With Six Legs is a Bullied Teen’s Saving Grace

After this teenage boy was bullied for his skin condition, he adopted Roo, a six-legged dog that has been a saving grace.
Greta Thunberg

Why Greta Thunberg Refuses to Fly to the US

It’s easy to talk the talk, but it’s not as easy to walk the walk, and when Greta Thunberg travels across the...
Butler brothers

How Four Heroic Brothers Rescued This Little Girl Who Got Lost at Sea

There’s nothing more terrifying than feeling adrift and out of control – now imagine if you are a six-year-old girl in the...
Derrick Byrd everyday hero

Heroic Uncle Rushes Into Burning Building to Save His Niece

Many people say they love someone so much they’d die for them – and a lot of them actually mean it –...

Hussain Manawer’s Hug Experiment Shows Us We’re Never Alone in Our Pain

Sometimes, people are so trained to keep their feelings to themselves, they forget how to share feelings with others – or allow others...

Deaf Comedian Kathy Buckley Uses Her Pain to Spread Love and Laughter

We all have excuses we can use for why we feel sorry for ourselves or hide from the world -- pain in...
Woman using superpowers

Stop Being a Sidekick: How to Become the Hero of Your Own Story

When we read our favorite books, watch our favorite movies, see our favorite TV shows, we absolutely fall in love with the...

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