Are You a Placeholder for Your Partner or Turning Yourself Into One?

If you're worried you might be a placeholder, it’s time to really look into your situation. Here are a few major warning signs you should pay attention to.

Doubt vs Dealbreaker: How To Deal With Uncertainty In Romance

How do you know if a relationship doubt is a red flag or simply something that can be fixed? Well, you have to understand what your dealbreakers are.

Gaslighting: How You Can Spot It In A Relationship And Shut It Down

Gaslighting is a particularly insidious toxic behaviour that can be difficult to call out. Here are the gaslighting red flags to look out for.

Meet Daryl Davis: The Man Who Made 200 KKK Members Throw Down Their Robes

Daryl Davis is no ordinary musician. He decided to befriend the KKK and has convinced 200 members so far to throw away their robes and beliefs.

Here Are Reasons Why You’re Still Single When You Don’t Want To Be

Here are some reasons that can explain why you're still single even though you don't necessarily want to be and help you move forward.

Single Dad Who Adopted Teen Abandoned At Hospital Plans To Save More Kids

Peter Mutabazi is not your typical dad. After becoming the father of a teen who was abandoned at the hospital, he is on a mission to save more kids.

Using The Wheel of Emotions To Identify What You’re Feeling Can Improve Your Relationships

When American psychologist Dr. Robert Plutchik devised the wheel of emotions, he provided a tool to dissect our emotions and understand them better.

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