After Years of Trauma, This Is What Choosing Myself Looks Like Every Day

The journey of self-improvement looks different for everyone, so it can be difficult to find the right formula for healing amongst the multiple resources available online and in the world. I have managed to find 4 essential principles to make sure I keep choosing myself.
What is shadow work?

What is Shadow Work And Why You Should Consider It

Not many people are willing to confront the darker side of their psyche because it can be a very frightening prospect. Shadow work is a method of processing the darker emotions and urges that live within us and find the strength within that.

What is Narcissism and Why Not All Toxic People Suffer From It

While narcissism can mean a number of things, a Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a chronic condition that is more serious than your average meaning. This is why it is important to make the distinctions between its various meanings when we use the word "toxic."
Bad Parents

How To Forgive Your Toxic Parents…Even If They Don’t Deserve It

The trauma that abusive parents inflict on children can impede their quality of life, which is why it is important to learn forgiveness, for yourself.

Jason Reid’s Son’s Death By Suicide Inspired Him To Take Action

Jason Reid lost his son Ryan to suicide when the latter was only 14 years old. Ever since then, he has been leading the fight to end teen suicide.

Adam Roa: How I Finally Got Over My Ex

Adam Roa shares the story of how he got over his girlfriend, giving us some tips on how to move on from a relationship in a healthy way.

Growing Up, I Hated My Dad. Now I See Him Differently

Not everyone has the chance to have a good relationship with their father. This is how I moved on from my abusive childhood.

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