Using The Wheel of Emotions To Identify What You’re Feeling Can Improve Your Relationships

When American psychologist Dr. Robert Plutchik devised the wheel of emotions, he provided a tool to dissect our emotions and understand them better.

Is Romance Your Higher Power? When Falling In Love Becomes Toxic

Most people like the idea of romance but some can misinterpret its power. When the idea of falling in love becomes a distraction from necessary spiritual work, it can become toxic.

Self-Compassion, The More Effective Way To A Better Self-Esteem?

Self-compassion, as opposed to self-esteem, is surprisingly a more effective method to foster a better perception of ourselves.

Intrinsic Motivation: How To Get Motivated By The Right Reasons

Are you accomplishing things for the wrong reasons? It's important to recognize the root of your motivation so you can succeed on your own terms.

Are You Dating Someone With Peter Pan Syndrome?

What is Peter Pan Syndrome and what are the signs that your partner may be struggling with it? Here's how to recognize it and how to deal with it.

Chadwick Boseman’s Unconventional Road To Success Is Also Inspirational

Chadwick Boseman is now one of Hollywood's most sought after actors. Yet, that wasn't always the case until a mysterious actor stepped in.

If They’re Acting Like They’re Not Interested, Avoid Making These 3 Mistakes

Feelings get in the way of our thinking when we crush on someone. When they don't reciprocate our interest, it hurts but don't make these mistakes.

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