Stephen Hecht on Turning Destructive Conflict Into Positive “Nonflict”

Like so many of us, Stephen Hecht grew up in a world where conflict was a normal part of his life. His...

How Business Conferences Are Bringing People Together With Irreplaceable Live Experiences

In our increasingly digital age, there are many social networks that claim to do the job of connecting creative and entrepreneurial people,...

5 Languages To Learn in 2019

Nobody doubts the benefits of being bilingual, but how do you know which language to learn? It’s a big time investments, after all, and if you don’t both using the language you teach yourself then you might end up forgetting all that hard-won knowledge anyway.With that in mind, we put together a short list of the five most important languages to learn in this day and age.

Reading Before Bed Will Give You a Better Night’s Sleep

In the information age, the classic ritual of reading a book or newspaper before bed is dying off. Since TV fits in your pocket, and streaming services allow you to watch literally anything you want while you fall asleep, why bother with reading? You’re no luddite.Except, it turns out that there are more reasons to read before going to bed than just being traditional. There are three very good scientific reasons to crack open a hardcover for a spell before falling asleep.

How the Incredible Story of One Ex-Gang Member Has Inspired Thousands

As the founder of Homeboy Industries, Father Gregory Boyle has helped thousands of ex-gang members and those formerly incarcerated turn their lives around by...

The Game-Changers, Innovators and Trailblazers to Watch Out for in 2019

What are your dreams? A yacht in the Mediterranean, or meeting the love of your life, or curing a life-threatening disease? Changing...

How to Become More Mindful In 2019

You can be the master of your home, all it takes is some money and a vacuum cleaner. You can also be a master of your job if you work hard and are promoted to a managerial position. You can master a game by practicing enough. But how do you master your own mind? It takes years of discipline and training to even understand what that means, and if you want to get started, we’ve got the Master Your Mind Bundle -- three classes that will give you the push you need to take those crucial first steps.

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