The Truth Behind Janet Jackson’s Pregnancy At The Age of 50

At 50, Janet Jackson gave birth to her son Eissa, which prompted a lot of questions and conclusions from the public. So what is the truth?

Gisele Bündchen Wrote Tom Brady A Heartfelt Letter to Save Their Marriage

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are a top celebrity couple. From the outside, their relationship looks perfect but that's because they worked hard on it.

The Powerful Reason Why Rihanna and Drake Had To Stay Apart

Rihanna and Drake have been the most elusive duo. To this day, people still hope for them to officially get together. It turns out that the reason why they didn't work out is more inspiring, and less dramatic, than we think.

Keira Knightley Gets Real About PTSD, Anxiety and How Hypnotherapy Has Helped Her Cope

We think that celebrities have it all -- riches, fame, fabulous clothes. But the reality is that they often experience a lot of stress...

Behind Justin Bieber’s ‘Protective’ Relationship With Billie Eilish

Justin Bieber has been a driving inspiration for Billie Eilish, who had massive crush on him growing up. What was it like to finally meet her idol?
Nelson Mandela: Sport Can Change the Worldvideo

Nelson Mandela: Sport Can Change the World

Nelson Mandela - Hope Nelson Mandela celebrates the power of sport to bring people together and spread hope and inspiration across the world. Transcript: "Sport has the...

How Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Prove The Power Of Trusting Connections

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been dating for less than a year now but their relationship holds powerful takeaways.

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