Emma Watson

5 Daily Habits to Steal from Emma Watson, Including What She Learned From Being...

You know — and love — her as Hermione Granger, but actress, model, and activist Emma Watson has grown far past her...

Youngest NFL Player JuJu Smith Becomes Santa For Hundreds of Pittsburgh Kids

At barely 21 years old, JuJu Smith may be the youngest player in the NFL right now, but the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver is...
Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Refused To Fall Prey To The Public’s Expectations

Carrie Underwood's freak accident resulted in a facial injury that needed 50 stitches, but that's not how the world interpreted her scar.

How Vanessa Laine Bryant And Her Children Are Doing After Kobe Bryant’s Death

Vanessa Laine Bryant, and her children have coped with devastating loss over the course of the past year. This is how they dealt with it.
Beyonce - Our MIstakes Make Us Who We Arevideo

Beyoncé​: Our Mistakes Make Us Who We Are

Beyoncé - We're All Worth It Beyoncé tells women to remember that they are worth it, and reminds people not to fear mistakes, because they...

Why Jonah Hill Lived In Shame For So Long—And How He Freed Himself

Jonah Hill is famously known for his funny onscreen characters. In real life, he has been the victim of body shaming, which has had a profound impact on his life. This is the story of his inspiring transformation.

Lady Gaga Gets Real About Mental Health Struggles, Inspires Us with Her Raw Honesty

Lady Gaga may be an inspiration for millions, but that doesn’t change the fact she has a lot of her own demons she continuously...

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