The Truth About Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s Rebellious Sister

Queen Elizabeth's younger and only sister, Margaret, is often known as the “rebellious” one. How did the two reconcile their differences?

9-Year-Old Girl Outsmarts Creep, Demonstrates Life-Saving Lesson For All Kids

It can be hard to teach children how to be safe — you don't want to make them paranoid, but there are real...

Jamie Foxx Is The Embarrassing Dad On And Off The Screen–And He Doesn’t Care

If there is one thing we can't doubt, it's Jamie Foxx' love for his daughter Corinne. The actor would do just about anything for her.

Woman Dumped For Wearing Makeup Challenges Shallow Stereotypes

One woman accused by her ex-boyfriend of misleading him with makeup shared a powerful truth that challenges shallow stereotypes. ...

Beyoncé’s Only Boyfriend Before Jay-Z Opens Up About His Regrets

Beyonce’s first boyfriend Lyndall Locke opens up about his biggest regret: letting the love of his life slip through his fingers.

15-Year-Old Outsmarts Hotel Invader By Recalling Tip From Police Officer Stepdad

Despite being just 15, a quick-thinking TikToker outsmarted a couple of creepy men who tried to break into her hotel room. Now,...

Music Producer Lost 143 Lbs And Is Now Living His Dream Life After Homelessness

Music producer Trappa MadeIt lost 143 lbs while in pursuit of a nutritional alternative to address his struggle with anxiety and depression.

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