Twins Lose Over 250 Lbs Together By Supporting One Another

Shannon and Olivia Wilson lose over 250 lbs together by teaming up to support one another through radical weight loss transformations.

Will Smith Reveals He’s In The “Worst Shape” Of His Life – And Starts...

Will Smith breaks the internet after sharing an Instagram photo revealing a heavier physique and the news of a fitness transformation journey.

The Truth Behind Naomi Campbell Becoming A Mother At 51

Naomi Campbell becomes a mother at 51 years old creating an outpour of support worldwide and raising questions around motherhood.

Woman Loses 85 Lbs In A Year By Adopting This Totally Unexpected Weight Loss...

Cori Magnotta lost 85 lbs in the year after giving birth to her son when she discovered a fun hula-hooping workout routine that she loved!

Why Alicia Keys’ Decision To Stop Wearing Makeup Rubbed Some People The Wrong Way

Alicia Keys received a lot of support when it came to her decision of not wearing make up. Why have people started going back on their words?

‘She’s White. Is That OK?’ – Couple Adopts Abandoned Girl Despite Race Stereotypes

After several years of trying to get pregnant, a couple had the chance to foster a child — and there's no way...

Tracee Ellis Ross Has An Important Reminder For All Single Women

Tracee Ellis Ross has something to say to a society that expects you to find love at 20, be married by 25, and have children by 27.

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