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Bill Gates Reveals What He Learned From Warren Buffett About Work-Life Balance and Self-Assessment

Sure, Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest people alive. That doesn’t mean he knows everything though. Everyone has something left to...

Kickstart Your Dream Job Search With This Resume and LinkedIn Training Kit

Many people don’t realize that a job hunt is in itself a second job, and has all the same time, commitment, and skill requirements that any other professional position would demand. Unlike most jobs, job hunting, resume writing and LinkedIn profile creation don’t have trade schools. Unless, of course, you count this Resume Writing (CV) & LinkedIn Optimization Course.

Ease Your Career Transition With This Straightforward Guide

Changing careers isn’t a sign of failure, it’s a financial necessity. People are holding more and more careers in their lifetime, and you’re probably going to have to completely redesign your brand and professional identity more than once if you want to keep the lights on. But finding that new job, especially if it’s outside your comfort zone, is scary… unless you get The Complete Job, Interview, Resume/Linkedin and Networking Guide.

5 Effective, Professional Ways to Express Gratitude in the Workplace

Building a career might seem like a personal endeavor, but often times, the trek to the top is only possible with a little help. Like...

How a $50 Bet Helped Dr. Seuss Sell $600 Million Worth of Books

Have you ever been challenged by someone to do something you never thought was possible... and did it? It may have been sheer luck. However,...

Here’s Why Bill Gates Stopped Listening to Music and Watching TV in His 20s

The world's most innovative leaders have some pretty peculiar daily habits, but Bill Gates' productivity hack from his twenties may top the list. The...

5 Common Reasons People Get Fired and How to Easily Avoid Them

Getting fired is clearly not a pleasant event. In fact, it can be a terrible experience for your ego to come back from and,...

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