This Woman Lost 160 pounds To Be A Better Mom And Kept Fighting Even...

At 322 lbs, Erica Lugo knew she had to take drastic measures if she wanted to be the best mother for her kids. Her weight loss journey is nothing short of inspirational, but it is what happened to her next that makes her even more of an amazing fighter.

Shia LaBeouf: Child Actor Gone Wrong Or Man Living His Authentic Life?

Like many child actors, Shia LaBeouf grew up right in front of our eyes and unfortunately, this took a toll on the man. While his life has seen a series of scandalous events, he has emerged from them with important lessons for us all.

This Woman Went From Weighing 410 lbs to Achieving Her Dreams

Rosie Mercado used to weigh 410 lbs. One day, she was told to pay for a second airplane seat because of her weight. That moment, she realized that things needed to change. So she embarked on her transformation journey.

After Surviving Abuse Twice, Rihanna Is Ready To Have Kids With Or Without A...

Rihanna has lived through abuse twice--as a witness to her father's violence towards her mother and as a survivor of Chris Brown's actions. Years later, her perspective on motherhood tell us a lot about the powerful ways in which she managed to move forward.

Man Loses 60 Pounds By Learning To Eat Mindfully

After an accident which left him immobile for a while, Jeremy Bromwell found himself turning to food for comfort and confronted his issue with mindfulness.

Woman Loses 114 Pounds By Confronting Her Relationship with Food

Sydney Wolf is an overachiever who had been prioritizing work over her own physical health but she committed to lose weight by making two changes.

25 Perseverance Quotes for When You Feel Like Giving Up

Perseverance is the ability to keep doing something in spite of all the obstacles. Here are 25 perseverance quotes for when you feel like giving up.

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