Inside Megan Fox’s Disturbing Battle With Hollywood

Voted “Sexiest Woman Alive”, Megan Fox lived a secret life where she was thrown into dark, inappropriate and disturbing situations as...

Serena Williams Had To Survive Being Compared to Her “Thinner” Sister

"It wasn’t very easy — growing up. Venus was like a model. I was thicker. I didn’t really know how to deal with it," says Serena Williams

Madonna Reveals the Ugly Truth About Being a Woman and Turning 60

Being a successful and confident woman in Hollywood is tough. Madonna reveals the harsh reality of growing old in an ageist industry
love bombing examples

What Is Love Bombing? Signs It’s Happening and How to Deal

At the start of a romantic relationship—in what many refer to as the “honeymoon phase,” grand gestures and ultra affectionate behavior are...

Why Joshua Jackson Had To Defend His Wife After She Proposed To Him First

After receiving a ton of backlash for letting his wife propose marriage first, Joshua Jackson is now setting the record straight.

Will Smith’s Troubled Relationship With His Father Forced Him To Man Up

Will has learned some lessons from his less-than-perfect relationship with his father that he swears he won't repeat with his own son

Kaley Cuoco Shows Us the Emotional Reality of Finding Love After Divorce

After splitting from her ex, Kaley Cuoco never thought she would find love. What made her believe in the institution of marriage again?

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