Holiday Bonus

This Boss Just Gave $10 Million in Holiday Bonuses to His 198 Employees

The CEO of a company in Salt Lake City surprised all of his employees with $10 million in holiday bonuses to recognize their hard work and contribution.

This One Lesson From Kevin Hart’s Late Mother Drove Him to Excel

Whether it's in his stand-up routines or offstage, Kevin Hart never misses a chance to express his appreciation towards his late mother and her lessons.

He Was Left in a Dumpster as a Baby– Today, He Runs a Multi-Million...

Freddie Figgers was abandoned in a dumpster as a baby but it did not stop him from having a successful career and becoming a tech millionaire.

This Little Boy’s Kindergarten Class Planned a Surprise For His Adoption Day

A 5-year-old boy's adoption story takes a heartwarming turn as his classmates and their parents decide to attend his courthouse ceremony.
Travel quotes OPTION 2

25 Inspiring Travel Quotes That Will Ignite Your Wanderlust

Invest your money into creating amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Here are 25 travel quotes that will ignite your wanderlust.
Nicola Curtin

This Scientist Used the $1 Million Profits From Her Ground-Breaking Cancer Treatment for Charity

When Nicola Curtin helped to develop a ground-breaking treatment for ovarian cancer, she decided to use her profits to let others excel.
Kristen Stewart

What Happened When Kristen Stewart Broke Free of Twilight

You may still remember her as "the girl from Twilight", but over the years Kristen Stewart proved that her talent is not limited to her unforgettable role.

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