Jessica Alba Honest company

Jessica Alba’s Drastic Change to Chase Her Billion Dollar Dream Business

Jessica Alba was an A-list actress known for her beauty and action chops when she felt called to create a business that would be "honest."
Debt Funeral

It’s Time to Throw Yourself a Debt Funeral — Here’s How

Mandy Velez threw a "debt funeral" to celebrate paying off over $100,000 in student loan debt. Here's how to pay off you debt so you can throw your own.

Joe Rogan’s Secret to Success: Strategic Quitting

Joe Rogan figured out which of his passions were worth pursuing by giving them all a shot-- and quitting the ones that didn't work.

Dad Beats Food Addiction, Loses 191 Pounds to Be Present for His Family

Angel Diaz didn’t think he’d ever be able to overcome his food addiction but with determination and exercise, he was able to get healthier.

This Mom Dropped 90 Pounds To Be a Healthy Role Model For Her Kids

Jamie Bell struggled with her weight due to health issues but she was determined to make a change so she could be the best mom possible.

How Ellen Pompeo Fought for What She Deserves on Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo has been the star of Grey's Anatomy for nearly two decades, but she still had to fight to get the equal pay she deserves.
Woman in front of office

How I Never, Ever Worry About My Career

Confidence and calm are the most valuable assets on your career journey. Stop getting bogged down by worry and start excelling!

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