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Heroic Teacher Walks More Than Five Miles A Day To Bring Food To Disadvantaged...

Zane Powles, an assistant headteacher in a primary school has not forgotten his disadvantaged students, who would go without lunch throughout the lockdown. So he decided to bring their lunch to their home instead.

Shia LaBeouf: Child Actor Gone Wrong Or Man Living His Authentic Life?

Like many child actors, Shia LaBeouf grew up right in front of our eyes and unfortunately, this took a toll on the man. While his life has seen a series of scandalous events, he has emerged from them with important lessons for us all.

This Woman Went From Weighing 410 lbs to Achieving Her Dreams

Rosie Mercado used to weigh 410 lbs. One day, she was told to pay for a second airplane seat because of her weight. That moment, she realized that things needed to change. So she embarked on her transformation journey.

After Surviving Abuse Twice, Rihanna Is Ready To Have Kids With Or Without A...

Rihanna has lived through abuse twice--as a witness to her father's violence towards her mother and as a survivor of Chris Brown's actions. Years later, her perspective on motherhood tell us a lot about the powerful ways in which she managed to move forward.

I Wish I Could Go No-Contact With My Mom, But Here’s Why I Can’t

Not everyone is blessed with growing up in a healthy, functional family environment. For those of us who did not have that chance, it can be hard to forgive abusive parents. However, this is why I've decided I will not shun my mother, despite our heavy history.

Doctor Couple Cancel Their Wedding to Keep Fighting Coronavirus Together

Roberto Tonelli and Ivana Castaniere cancelled their wedding to be at the frontline of the fight against coronavirus. Their story reveals the intense and chaotic conditions of their everyday life.

A Scottish Couple Are Upholding Their Entire Community In The Face Of Coronavirus

Scottish couple Asiyah and Jawad Javed have demonstrated incredible compassion by stocking up on hand sanitizers with the intention to provide free packages to the most vulnerable members of their community.

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