5 Everyday Office Skills You Need to Improve

The internet is full of counter-intuitive and overly-clever job tips. Stuff like saying that if you wear your hair a certain way, or match your shoes with the right hat, or use a certain kind of phrasing then you’ll hack your boss's brain into giving you a promotion.While those things sound cool and can maybe make a small difference, the truth is there's nothing more important to your success than developing the basic skills you use every day. And it doesn’t matter the industry or level you work in: these five things will always be important, and you always have room to improve them.

5 “Soft Skills” That Will Help You Stand Out In the Work Place

When someone brings up important job skills, your mind probably jumps to coding, office programs, and the other stuff you’ve used to fill out your resume. However, it turns out that so-called “soft skills” -- negotiating, building morale, and maintaining relationships -- are far more important to a leader’s success.

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