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5 Enlightening Reasons Why the College You Attend Shouldn’t Define You

It seems like it’s the most important choice in an 18-year-old's life thus far -- where they choose to attend college. Most...

5 Life-Changing Books That Bill Gates Says He Can’t Put Down

As the founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates is a legendary pioneer in science, math and computers, revolutionizing the world with his...

5 Life-Changing Books That Inspired Meryl Streep to Live Her Most Colorful Life

As one of the most renowned and respected American actresses, Meryl Streep’s long-lasting career is an inspiring and impressive one at least....
J R R Tolkien

3 Lessons from Legendary The Lord of the Rings author, J. R. R. Tolkien

With March 25th being Tolkien Reading Day, it’s as good a time as any to reflect on the legend of The Lord...

Make 2019 The Year You Started Your Own Business With This Crash Course MBA

You have two choices: you can make 2019 the year you kept deferring on your dreams, or you can make it the year you finally got motivated to start your own business. If you plan on the former, then you’re going to have an easy, boring, mundane 12 months. But if you’re brave enough to do the latter, you’re about to face far more difficult tasks than you’ve ever faced before, and Skillwise is here to help.

The Top Five Ways to Learn a Language

Once you’ve decided to learn a new language, the first step is deciding how. This is a hugely difficult task, after all, and something that millions of people fail at every year, so you have to approach with some careful strategy. If we had our druthers, we’d go with the uTalk Language Education: Lifetime Subscription -- an excellent deal on a class that can teach you up to 6 languages on any device you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want. And right now uTalk is 92% off, available for just $29.99.

Reboot Your Outlook On Life with These Classes On Building Happiness

The old adage is true: you simply can’t buy happiness. Longterm contentment and satisfaction with the self doesn’t fit in a jar, can’t be programmed onto a blue-ray disk, and won’t fit in a handbag. What you can buy, however, are strategies for achieving happiness that you can practice in your own free time as much as you want. And that’s what we’re offering with this special Habits of Happiness Bundle -- not a simple get-happy-quick scheme or a promise of immediate results, but tips, tricks and disciplines that’ll help you put your own life on a path toward something more satisfying.

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