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Woman Discovers Her Husband Is the Hero Who Saved Her Sister

TikTok/ @dhenifer.pim
Uplifting News

Woman Meets Her Future Husband at the Gym - Then Her Sister Recognizes Him From Her Past

The invisible string theory is REAL.

Do you believe in soulmates? That one person you're destined to be with? The "ONE" the universe has already connected you to, long before you even meet?

If you don't, this may just change your mind and make even the most skeptical among us believe that fate? Really does exist.

Viral TikTok Has Us All Believing The Invisible String Theory is Real


We also live in a huge city so what are the odd, i think about it often. #redstringtheory #fypage

In a TikTok that has gone viral with over 2 million views, @dhenifer.pim shares that four years ago, she received an alarming call from a stranger. He explained that he had just rescued her sister from drowning (she was listed as her sister's emergency contact). That was the first and only contact she and her sister had with him.

Fast forward two years later.....

Dhenifer meets a guy at the gym. They fall in love and end up getting married.

And here's where things get crazy. In an insane coincidence (or is it??) it turns out that her husband, Phil, and her sister's hero are one and the same!

"Later on I find out he was the guy on the phone that day 4 years ago."

She clarifies in the comments that she found out about her husband's superhero alter-ego after they had been dating for a while. She decided to introduce him to her family over dinner and her sister immediately recognized him.

"The moment my sister saw him she went 'Wait, he’s the guy that day. The guy you spoke to on the phone,'“ she writes. Everyone was shocked.

She also adds in the caption that they live in a huge city so "what are the odds"?

Well, if her viewers have anything to say about it...there's no such thing as "odds."

The Invisible String Theory


I was ugly crying #fyp #wedding

More than a thousand people chimed in on the epic plot twist. And almost all of the comments followed the same "thread."

"Omg invisible string theory," stated one comment with more than 26,000 likes.

"Red String theory‼️," said another.

"String cheese theory or whatever it’s called," wrote a third. Close enough.

So what is the invisible string theory? Dating back to an ancient East Asian legend called the Red String Theory, it refers to an invisible red thread that inexplicably ties you to your soulmate, transcending time, distance, and circumstance.

The string may stretch but it will never break and somehow you will always find your way back to one another.

Just a myth concocted by hopeless romantics? Maybe. Or maybe there is really something to it after all.

"7 years ago my mom called the cops on a kid and had him arrested (long story) 7 years later I meet a guy and when my mom saw him she recognized him as the kid from 7 years ago and we're dating so..." one commenter wrote.

"The father of my kids and I went to the same primary school (7 years apart) and lived on the same street as kids,” someone else revealed. “Met 20 years later in a different state.”

Another shared, "My mom went to Virginia Beach with her friends when she was in high school. This guy happened to be working at a restaurant and they quickly glanced at each other. Years later he’s my stepdad."

"I had my husband's number saved in my phone before we even met."

"In 5th grade I had a crush on the boy who broke his arm playing football in my class, many years later...we get married."

Meant To Be

While most of Dhenifer's followers clearly believe in fate, they also think her sister should get at least some credit for bringing the star-crossed lovers together.

"Not your sister risking her life for your happiness!!"

"Your sister is the real ride or die for almost drowning so you could find your love 😂"

Even Dhenifer agrees, responding "If she never almost drowned that day i wouldn’t be married now 😂"

Whether or not you subscribe to the notion of fate, destiny, or the "invisible string" that binds us, the undeniable truth remains: Dhenifer and Phil's love story truly does seem to be written in the stars.

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