Steve and Camre Curto

When Childbirth Erased This New Mom’s Memory, Her Husband Rewrote Their Love Story

Camre Curto lost her memory of her husband and baby due to childbirth complications. To help her remember what she forgot, her husband wrote their story.
Christian Bale Winona Ryder and Sibi

Winona Ryder Introduced Christian Bale to the Love of His Life

Christian Bale had no interest in marriage until he met his future wife Sibi when she was working as his co-star Winona Ryder's assistant.
Elinor Powell and Frederick Albert

The Story of a Black Army Nurse Who Fell for a German POW

A black Army nurse and a white German POW falling in love during World War II sounds like something out of an Oscar-bait movie – but it happened.
Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence’s Husband Found Her When She Wasn’t Looking for Love

Jennifer Lawrence's recent marriage to Cooke Maroney after her year of self-discovery is a tale of love finding you when you least expect it.
64 Years Reunited High School Sweethearts

64 Years After Their Breakup, He Drove 500 Miles to Marry His High School...

These high school sweethearts dramatically reunited 64 years after their breakup. At 80 years old, they're finally getting married.
Myra and Howard

50 Years After Their Love Was Torn Apart by Racism, They’re Finally Married

Howard Foster and Myra Clark fell in love back in 1967, when interracial marriage was in its infancy. 50 years later, they finally married.
Claire Mills baby

This Nurse Delivered a Baby Boy — Then She Took Him Home

When this NICU nurse helped deliver a premature baby boy, she quickly grew to love him. Upon discovering that he needed a home and a mother, she stepped up.

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