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Uplifting News

Man in a suit hugging a woman wearing glasses and a woman crying.
Uplifting News

Jennifer Aniston Breaks Down Over Matthew Perry's Death — How Quinta Brunson Handled It Flawlessly

Jennifer Aniston and Quinta Brunson were paired for Variety's Actors on Actors series, a conversation that promised laughs from the two comedic actresses but took an unexpected emotional turn. As they discussed their careers, a producer asked Abbott Elementary's breakout star Brunson to inquire about Aniston’s experience rewatching Friends. The question hit hard, prompting Aniston to tear up, reminding us of the deep bonds formed on set.

Screenshot of a text conversation and a woman wearing a green outfit.
Uplifting News

Woman Tweets About Long Lost Childhood Friend - What Happens Next Has All of Us Crying

Sometimes people are only in our lives for a season and then they're gone. But just because they aren't there physically doesn't mean we've wiped them from our memories. They may be gone but they're never forgotten.This sentiment was perfectly encapsulated in a single tweet on X sparking a wave of nostalgia. But it was one woman's response that got tens of thousands of people talking. And now we're all invested.

Woman wearing a red outfit and an elderly woman wearing a pink sweater.
Uplifting News

Legendary Teacher Devoted 67 Years To Her Students - She Just Left Her School $1 Million

Lillian Orlich spent her life teaching. Literally. For 67 YEARS, "Ms. O" worked as both an educator and counselor at Prince William County's Schools in Virginia. Education wasn't just her job, it was her LIFE. And nothing could stop her from showing up for her kids. Not even death.Recently, Ms. O passed away at the age of 95. But despite having retired six years earlier (at the ripe young age of 89!), she never forgot her "family." She left her entire life savings — one million dollars — to the beloved Virginia public school district she called home.

Groom and bride at their wedding and a woman with her hair in a messy bun.
Uplifting News

Woman Meets Her Future Husband at the Gym - Then Her Sister Recognizes Him From Her Past

Do you believe in soulmates? That one person you're destined to be with? The "ONE" the universe has already connected you to, long before you even meet?If you don't, this may just change your mind and make even the most skeptical among us believe that fate? Really does exist.

Teen carrying his best friend, a couple getting married and a screenshot of a text (inset)
Uplifting News

Teen Best Friends Set Single Parents Up - 3 Months Later, They Got Married

Tucker and Corbin were best friends. But now? Thanks to some pretty impressive match-making skills, they just became brothers.

Woman wearing a striped sweater and a handwritten note.
Uplifting News

Woman Complains About Her Noisy Neighbors In a Note - She's Stunned By Their Response

When it comes to neighbors you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes you hit the neighbor lottery and get someone who barely makes a sound.Other times, however, you get stuck with THAT neighbor: the one who blasts death metal at 3 AM or has a dog that WON'T.STOP.BARKING. Or, in this case, has kids who think practicing piano before the sun rises is a good idea (it's not).When London-based content creator Martina Panchetti's neighbors decided that the road to becoming famous concert pianists involved early morning practices she'd had just about all she could take. Wanting to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation, she wrote them a polite note to complain. She wasn't prepared for their response.

Little kid wearing red and yellow scarf and holding a wand and a five people posing for a picture.
Uplifting News

Neglected 11-Year-Old Finds Forever Home After Years of Hardships in Foster Care

In a moment filled with anticipation and joy, 11-year-old Luke finally found a place to call home. After years of moving between 25 different foster homes, his journey led him to a loving family and a heartwarming adoption ceremony that left everyone in tears.

Close up of man crying and a man taking a bow on stage with gold confetti falling.
Uplifting News

Middle School Janitor Auditions For America's Got Talent - the Judges Make Him Sob

"It's just a dream come true," Richard Goodall said after his jaw-dropping rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’ earned him the Golden Buzzer.In times of opportunity, ordinary people often rise to extraordinary heights. Richard Goodall, a 54-year-old janitor from Terre Haute, Indiana, is one such individual whose passion for singing transformed his life overnight on America's Got Talent.

Elderly man pushing carts and an elderly man wearing a cap and glasses.
Uplifting News

90-Year-Old Pushes Carts To Afford Food - So a Stranger Takes Matters Into Her Own Hand

Most people dream of spending their golden years happily retired. But for a lot of people over the age of 65, this, unfortunately, isn't their reality. The cost of living has skyrocketed over the past few years, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to sock away enough savings for retirement, let alone sustain a comfortable lifestyle on a fixed income. Instead of enjoying the fruits of their many years of labor, people like Dillon McCormick are forced to continue working long after they should have to.But now, thanks to a chance encounter, this Air Force veteran is finally getting his due.

Left Image: Man poses with Fish | Right Image: Male Friends Pose On Bus
Uplifting News

Heartbroken Man Misses Grandmother's Funeral - His Coworkers Go on a Secret Mission

Living far from family is never easy, especially when you’re in a different country. The miles can feel insurmountable, particularly when tragedy strikes. For Jarom Ngakuru, a New Zealander of Māori descent living in the United States, this reality hit hard when he was unable to return home for his grandmother’s funeral.