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Uplifting News

Woman taking a picture with her father outside and a screenshot of a father's text.
Uplifting News

Dad Witnesses His Daughter Get Dumped - So He Tells Her to "Be the Bull"

The end of a relationship is rarely easy, especially when you're not the one doing the ending. When college student Fallon Thompson recently "got dumped" she was understandably heartbroken. But lucky for her, there IS one person she can always depend on...her dad. And he was right there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart with words of wisdom that have gone viral. Because they're THAT GOOD.

Man standing with his arm around his biological father and a black and white picture of a young man.

Man Grew Up Never Knowing His Real Dad - Waits 6 Decades to Meet Him

Most people go through life in search of identity and purpose, particularly as we get older. But for those who don’t have a complete picture of their family history, that search can produce more questions than answers.

Couple on a red carpet and a man kissing a woman's head
Uplifting News

Jelly Roll Is Kicked Out Of His High School - Years Later, He Returns With a Surprise

High school is either one of the best times or one of the worst times of your life, depending on how you lived it. You might have nostalgia for the “good old days,” or you might want to leave that part of your life far, far behind.For famous country star Jelly Roll, the high school years were especially dramatic. In fact, he’s been quite open in the past about those years of drug addiction and legal battles. Things got so bad that he was actually kicked out of his high school in Nashville, Tennessee.

Teen with Down syndrome wearing a blue prom dress and a group of friends.
Uplifting News

Teen With Down Syndrome Doesn’t Have a Date to Prom - So Her Friends Hatch a Plan

Prom is supposed to be a special time for a teen. It’s a time of celebration and friendship, and recognizing all of your life’s achievements so far. However, it can also be a hard time for those who don’t feel like they fit in, or whose plans for their prom don’t pan out the way they’d hoped.

Shaquille O'Neal holding a microphone and smiling, teen opening a box, and teen holding a pair of big red shoes (inset)

Teen Can't Find Shoes to Fit His Large Size 23 Feet - Then Shaq Shows Up

A teen in Missouri was having trouble finding shoes that fit him. He appealed to local news outlets and tried to find a solution online. But because of his large size, it was hard to find a reasonable and affordable option. Then Shaq stepped in to save the day.

Man with a beard talking into a microphone and an elderly judge looking at him.

Man Faces Hefty Fine For Running a Red Light - Then the Judge Learns Why He Did It

We’re getting better as a society about talking about trauma and grief and the pain that comes with certain experiences. Doing so can put us on a path toward healing. But so can kindness, which one judge exemplified when a grieving motorist came into his courtroom one day.

Man talking to a little girl sitting near him and a police officer carrying a little girl and standing next to a woman.
Uplifting News

Police Officer Saves 3-Month-Old - Five Years Later He’s Part of the Family

Being a new parent is terrifying because you’re always expecting the worst. But when the worst actually happens, and your baby stops breathing, you hope that a stranger like this police officer will be there to save the day.

A handwritten letter and a couple standing in front of their house.

Couple Buy First Home Together - Discover a "Surprise" Left Behind By the Previous Owners

A house is often so much more than four walls and a roof over our heads. It's the place where dreams take root, where precious memories are made, and where the echoes of laughter linger in the silence long after everyone has left.Even though it's "just a house" it's an integral part of our lives. And when the time comes to bid farewell it can be difficult to close the door.When one family sold their home of over 60 years, they left behind more than just a piece of their hearts — they left a note.

Black and white picture of a young man and an elderly man in a black leather jacket
Uplifting News

He Thought He’d Be the First Black Man in Space — Now the 90-Year-Old’s Dream is Coming True

Back in the sixties, an American named Ed Dwight thought he would be the first Black astronaut in space. He never made it, but years later, the 90-year-old is preparing for his inaugural flight.