mental health

Maladaptive daydream

'Zoning out' and getting lost in fantasy is a recognized psychological impairment. Understand more about daydream disorder, and how to

/ December 26, 2022
tWitch and Ellen Degeneres hugging on stage.

Stephen Boss, best known as 'tWitch' tragically passes away at the age of 40. The dancer is a heartbreaking

/ December 15, 2022

Feeling in a slump? A dawn simulator, which uses lights to imitate the sun’s rising at dawn, can help boost

/ December 9, 2022

An innocent hobby or lesser-known form of addiction?

/ November 8, 2022
Kurt Cobain in cardigan leaning forward into the microphone.

Thirty years after his death, Kurt Cobain's music and words remain a rallying call for people around the world.

/ October 1, 2022
Tom Hardy in grey shirt resting his chin on his hand.

Tom Hardy showed up to a random jiu-jitsu tournament in Milton Keynes, England. His reason for going to this tournament,

/ September 24, 2022
A trippy, colorful picture of a worried Jonah Hill in Netflix Maniac

Jonah Hill grew from coming-of-age teenage comedian to full fledged comedic actor and filmmaker. So what has made him suddenly

/ September 22, 2022