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Fact-Checking Policy


At Goalcast, we always endeavor to create the most accurate and honest headlines for the content we produce. Sure, we want to engage readers by offering intriguing stories with captivating titles — and we always abide by SEO best practices — but we are not in the business of clickbait.

We guarantee that if you find your way to from a headline on Google or a social media post, you will have a truly satisfying experience. We also promise you will want to come back for more!


As with the headlines we create, Goalcast writers and editors follow best-in-practice research practices and fact-checking to make sure our stories are real, honest and accurate. We always cite our sources and images where appropriate, and provide direct backlinks for absolute transparency.

Just as we strive to ensure Goalcast is a no-clickbait website, we also demand that our stories are 100% real. At the same time, we want to give them honest context and practical strategies to learn from them, even in our News content. This is something we call "The Goalcast Hook" — that uplifting, motivational and inspirational lesson we can all learn from the stories we tell.

We consider this to be the soul of our stories, and task our competent writing team with implementing them to give our users the most satisfying, positive and truthful reading experience in our vertical.


Goalcast never uses AI software or bots to create our content. That’s not something we do just because we want to craft original stories! Our writing staff is 100% human because we create content written by people for people!

We always strive to highlight the heart of the stories you read on Goalcast, and do our absolute best to give you the most emotional connection to digital content with a uniquely personal touch.

We also want to provide the most diverse perspectives in our content, which is why Goalcast makes an active effort to work with freelance writers from as many backgrounds as possible. We make sure our stories are told by a chorus of different voices to reflect the culture and togetherness we wish to see in the world. In our opinion, that is what every responsible publisher must do to make good stories great.