Jason Statham

Jason Statham’s Humble Beginnings Prove Anything Is Possible

Jason Statham had to claw his way from the bottom to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars. His story is nothing short of inspiring.

How Liv Tyler Figured Out Steven Tyler Was Her Biological Father

Liv and Steven Tyler are one of the most powerful father-daughter duos in entertainment. But for years, she had no idea he was her father.

Indian Man Turns Vehicle Into Ambulance To Save Strangers Amidst COVID Devastation

One man saw that his community was in need — so he offered to risk his own safety to help. If that...

Woman Unexpectedly Goes Into Labor Mid Air – Strangers Help Deliver Baby

Medical staff who happened to be trained to work with premature babies reacted quickly, managing to deliver a baby on board of...

Why We Need To Talk About Eminem Getting “Canceled” on TikTok

Eminem has had a career that’s spun over three decades but his latest social media attention hasn’t been for new music.

Will Smith Reveals He’s In The “Worst Shape” Of His Life – And Starts...

Will Smith breaks the internet after sharing an Instagram photo revealing a heavier physique and the news of a fitness transformation journey.

Boy Gets Nearly Suspended For Defending Blind Classmate, Thousands Rally In Outrage

Cody Pine, a student who defended a visually impaired boy against a bully, faced potential backlash from his school for stepping in,...

Woman Dumped For Wearing Makeup Challenges Shallow Stereotypes

One woman accused by her ex-boyfriend of misleading him with makeup shared a powerful truth that challenges shallow stereotypes. ...

How Selena Quintanilla’s Husband Dealt With The Tragic Murder Of His Soulmate

Selena Quintanilla's husband Chris Perez reveals the life-changing lesson she taught him before her untimely death.

What Happened to Meg Ryan? The Vanishing Rom-Com Star

Meg Ryan dominated the 90s as the queen of romantic comedies - So why did she disappear from the spotlight?

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