Why Noah Cyrus Says It’s “Unbearable” To be Miley’s Sister

Noah Cyrus reveals the hardships of growing up alongside her sister Miley, and how their relationship survived the trials of fame.
LeBron James Wife

LeBron James and Savannah Brinson Grew From High School Sweethearts to Lifelong Partners

It may sound implausible but LeBron James and Savannah Brinson have been together since high school, defying all odds together.

Dad Kicks Out Teen Son For Being Gay, Wife Instantly Breaks Up With Him

A mother's post went viral on Reddit after she broke up with her now ex-husband for kicking out their gay son.

Single Man Adopts 5 Special Needs Kids To Offer Them The Care They Deserve

A single, gay man won't take credit for his kind and caring work raising five children who each have specific needs.

Man Calls Cops On Black Customer For No Reason, Tik Tok Has Great Response

A TikTok user went into a store to buy a carpet, only to have a man call the police on him for...

157 Inspirational Quotes for Women

Inspiring quotes for the women in your life and about being a strong and successful woman. "You educate a woman; you educate a generation."

The Best Quotes from Uncle Iroh and His Love of Tea

The most inspiring and funny quotes from The Last Airbender's Uncle Iroh, especially about his love of tea. "Sick of tea, that's like being sick of breathing."

150 Meaningful Spiritual Quotes About Love, Life and Healing

150 meaningful spiritual quotes about love, life and healing. "I believe, and therefore anything is possible."

The Silver Lining of the Joss Whedon Misconduct Allegations

Charisma Carpenter recently spoke up about their experiences working with Joss Whedon and facing what they deem as workplace harassment.

Abandoned In Dumpster As Baby, He Vows To Make Adoptive Dad Proud – Now...

Freddie Figgers was left to die, but thanks to a knack for technology he went on to become a billionaire. Still, he...

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