Ariana Grande

5 Daily Habits to Steal From Ariana Grande, Including Keeping Her Ego in Check

You know her from her super-high ponytail and impressive vocals — but there’s definitely more to Ariana Grande than you realize. At the age of only 25, she’s...

Hero of the Week: Real Estate CEO Builds a Village for the Homeless

Tiny homes, organic gardens, an outdoor theater, walking trails, study areas, worship places, an inn – these are just some of the highlights of Community First! Village in Austin, Texas.

6 Ways Your Ego Deceives You — and How to Beat It by Revealing...

To self-preserve, our egos conjure seemingly plausible reasons and storylines. During the process of spiritual awakening, obvious signs are easy to spot; especially if they’re particularly self-centred or fuelled by separation. As...

Man Loses 185 Pounds By Shifting His Mindset, Discovering His Passions

Patrick Eslick was able to lose 180 pounds, but it meant adopting a new mindset after years of struggling with his weight. Being overweight was all Eslick had ever...

Keanu Reeves’ Perspective On Life and Death Is An Inspiration To Us All

Keanu Reeves is known for his action movie chops and philanthropy, but he’s also known for being a pretty introspective, thoughtful guy. We didn’t know his true depths...

Selena Gomez Reflects on the Dangers (and Value) of Social Media

Social media is useful in so many ways, from staying connected to quickly obtaining information, but according to public figures like actress and singer Selena Gomez, it also has many inherent dangers....
Teen woman embracing mother with closed eyes

Abused Teen Gets Adopted by the Police Officer Who Drove Her to Foster Care

Mya Jones is a beautiful and intelligent high school senior. A photo of her smiling would make it seem like she has had a great life, but few knew the pain and...

Inspiring Mom of Three Loses 100 Pounds So She Can Be A Better Mother

When Tabitha Beasley struggled to walk because of her arthritis pain, she started to worry she wouldn’t be able to keep up with her children and realized she had to change.

Hero of the Week: David Attenborough Dedicates His Last Years to Saving the Planet

An icon across four generations, he’s the voice that everyone instantly recognizes: David Attenborough has delighted, entertained, educated and inspired countless people across the world. Aged 93 now,...
Richard Branson

5 Daily Habits to Steal From Richard Branson, Including Accepting Failure

You know him as Richard Branson, the iconic leader behind Virgin Airlines but his technical title? Well, it’s a mouthful: Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson. Nope, he’s not a royal —  but...