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Dan Lok | My Hero is My Teacher

Dan Lok - Believe In Kids

Entrepreneur and author Dan Lok shares a life-changing moment with his teacher Ms. Fallon who saw in him the potential he never saw in himself. This is a story about the power of teachers.


I got bullied. I wasn't good at communicating with people. I was very afraid because I couldn't speak a word of English. At the time I remember I had to deliver a little speech in order to pass the class. You know, to get the grades. And every time I had to give a presentation, anything like that, I would skip the class because I was so afraid. I would just hide in the bathroom because I didn't want to be found. And Ms. Feldon saw that. She was like, "Well, what are you doing, Dan? You need to do your speech." And I said, "Ms. Feldon, I can't do it. I'm so afraid. I'm so scared. I have stage fright." And she said, "You know what? If you don't do the speech, I cannot let you pass." She said, "Why don't you come to my office after class and I will help you. I will coach you." And she did. And she was helping me overcome some of my shyness.

Speaker 1:I still remember I was very nervous. My palms were all sweaty and my face grew pale, and I did it! She let me pass. And she was the first one to believe in me that, "Hey, you know what? You can do better. Don't let the circumstances hold you back." And she took the time. That's very important. Fast-forward many, many, many years later, walked right into school. I said, "I've come to thank you." She said, "For what?" And I told her the whole story. Remember back then? And she said, "Yeah, of course I remember!" Right? And she said, "I always saw something in you. That you've got potential, you're a great kid." And I gave her two books and she was shocked. "What is this?" I said, "I wrote these two books." And so she was very, very emotional. That was a very special experience.

Speaker 1:As a teacher myself, to so many people, young people, entrepreneurs around the world, I understand the impact that you could have on somebody by one gesture, one encouragement, one quote, one story. Spending a little bit more time with a kid after school just giving him a little bit of encouragement. She believed in me. And I think people underestimate the power of having someone believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

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