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Pamela Anderson Opens Up About Her 9 Disastrous Weddings

Why the famous blonde can't stop getting married.

Pamela Anderson has it all: beauty, fame and success. So why can’t the most famous blonde find her fairytale ending? Why is Pamela so unlucky in love and what dark secrets lie behind her seemingly glamorous life?

The Many Marriages of Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson had a fairytale look at weddings from a young age. "I'd meet somebody, fall in love, and it would just be very romantic and it would be love at first sight."

But sadly, none of her nine weddings led to that dream relationship for the 56 year old actress.

While she looks to have found peace and calm in her later years, Anderson's previous relationships were fraught with abuse, drugs, and fear.

How many husbands did Pamela have over the years?

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (1995-1998, 2008-2010)

The bad-boy of rock, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, was the first man to sweep Anderson off her feet. The two stars had a whirlwind relationship that resulted in sons Brandon and Dylan. But what was once a fairytale marriage was also incredibly 'tragic,' ending in Tommy Lee being charged with spousal and child abuse.

While the Baywatch babe refers to Tommy Leed as "the only man I ever really loved was Tommy Lee," the two were not able to make it work.

Anderson and Kid Rock (2001-2003, 2006)

Anderson married the controversial rapper and musician a total of four times, though she knew it was a mistake, "right when I got married."

It looks like there was no love lost, as both have confirmed they never spoke again after the split.

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon (2007, 2013-2015)

Rick Salomon made a name for himself as a sometimes actor and poker player. Salomon turned out to have a serious drug addiction which Anderson only discovered when she found his crack pipe in the Christmas tree. Their marraige was annulled but they reconciled in 2013, thought the second marriage was short-lived.

Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters (2020) Kind of...

While it turned out the two never had an official marriage certificate, Anderson did announce her marraige to movie producer Jon Peters. Husband number five didn't last long, just a mere 12 days before the two split.

Pamela Anderson and Dan Hayhurst (2020-2022)

Anderson met her last husband, Dan Hayhurst, when he was the contractor for her house. The marriage survived two years before they went their separate ways.

"You know, it was more like trying to put a family unit back together. But I wasn't really in love. I just was going through the motions and then realizing, I have nothing in common with this person. Like I was putting people in my life to kind of numb some of the pain or be with someone, companionship, but nothing nothing healthy."

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