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Jennifer Aniston Confronts Matthew Perry After She Broke His Heart

Even though his "Friends" colleague Jennifer Aniston rejected him, her support during Matthew Perry's battle with addiction never wavered.

Matthew Perry, adored for his role on "Friends," battled hidden struggles while Jennifer Aniston moved on with Brad Pitt. Despite his confession of feelings for Aniston and subsequent rejection, she noticed his suffering. Aniston's unwavering support and refusal to abandon him played a crucial role in helping Perry overcome his devastating addiction. How did she save Matthew Perry from himself?

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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Divorce: Behind The Marriage

When rumors sparked that Lenny Kravitz was having affairs with multiple women, heartbroken Lisa Bonet watched her family get torn apart. But sometimes there are people who come into our lives so powerful that they change the path of who we become. What led actor, Jason Momoa into Lisa’s life? And what led to their recent divorce?