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Teen Is Devastated When Her Friend Ruins Her $500 Prom Dress - Little Did She Know There Was So Much More to Come
Bully Ruins Teen’s Prom Dress, Strangers Step in With Acts of Kindness
Uplifting News

Teen Is Devastated When Her Friend Ruins Her $500 Prom Dress - Little Did She Know There Was So Much More to Come

Emilee Perry deserved this fairy tale happy ending.

Prom is supposed to be a celebration of another school year and of milestones and friendships.

Unfortunately, not all teenagers understand the implications of bullying, and sometimes prom can be a horror movie realized.

That was the case for one 16-year-old at her prom, but luckily she got the happy ending that she deserved.

An Unexpected Night

teen girl wearing a prom dress

Emilee Perry once had to leave a school due to bullying issues, and as a result, she deals with a lot of anxiety. It’s to the point where she can be scared to leave the house without her parents, according to the Mirror. So the fact that Tracy and Michael convinced their daughter to go to her prom in Doncaster, England, was a big deal.

Her parents helped her select a dress that cost more than £400 and had her hair and makeup done professionally. Emilee was expecting to go to the event with a group of friends and found it weird when one friend reached out to say she was already there.

About two hours after arriving, Emilee was sitting by herself while her friend group was in the washroom. Suddenly, she felt something wet on her head. The girl whom she thought was her friend and who had bailed on her earlier had just poured an entire jug of red pop over her.

“I didn't even know she was behind me; she crept up on me,” Emilee told the publication. “Nothing was ever said, I just looked up and saw the girl walking away.”

A Brutal Turn of Events

three teen girls wearing prom dresses and standing before a white car

Emilee’s hair, dress and makeup were ruined. Even worse, she had no idea why her supposed friend had done what she did or why she did it in front of everyone.

“I thought we were friends, that's why it was such a shock, we had taken a picture together that night,” she continued. “I still have no idea whatsoever why she did it. It was so humiliating; it was in front of my whole year group… I was completely covered, it was all over me. I was so sticky.”

Although the girl was asked to leave and teachers tried to convince Emilee to stay, she wanted to go home. She called her mom to pick her up, and her mom was equally devastated. She took photos of her daughter and posted them on social media, where the story went viral.

“I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was a horrible sight,” Tracy said. “Everything was drenched. She was absolutely devastated. To do something as cruel and humiliating as that is awful.”

Unexpected Support

six girls wearing dresses and crowns

Eventually, one of the girl’s parents apologized to Emilee, but she doesn’t expect to see her former friend again. What did surprise Emilee, however, was the outpouring of support from her community. Parents near her town, who had tragically lost their 15-year-old daughter, invited Emilee to attend a charity ball in their daughter’s honor, giving her a second chance at prom.

“It makes me feel joyed to be able to get dressed up and almost recreate what was supposed to be a special occasion and be given another opportunity to have a wonderful night,” Emilee later told Metro.

“I’m in absolute awe about it all, I can’t believe how many lovely people there are in the world!” she continued. “It’s really shown me that no matter how dark of a situation, there is always something good at the end.”

The support didn’t stop there, though. Following the charity event, an Essex-based company named Blue Beau Boutique also reached out and invited the girl to model prom dresses for a photo shoot they were doing. Emilee went and modeled beautiful dresses with hair and makeup done by pros — at no cost.

“I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do this,” Emilee told The Sun. “I'd say to anyone struggling with anxiety and confidence to just speak to people, as no one will think any less of you.”

Meanwhile, some real-life pageant queens decided they also wanted to help boost Emilee’s spirits. So they traveled to see her, naming her the Ultimate Prom Queen and gifting her a certificate and a crown.

“We are blown away with today’s visit by some amazing pageant queens,” Tracy shared on Facebook. “Emilee has been showered with gifts and kind words and even crowned Ultimate Prom Queen by these wonderful ladies. They traveled all the way from Durham just to make her feel better, and it certainly has. Emilee is finally a prom queen.”

Leading With Kindness

Bullying is never okay, no matter how old we are. And the more we talk about bullying and its devastating effects, the more we can hopefully eradicate it. However, it’s equally important to share stories like these, in which everyday people see acts of bullying and actively work to negate its effects.

It’s a nice reminder that it’s always important to lead with kindness because you never know what someone else is going through.

There are all kinds of people out there who deal with anxiety and depression or who have a rough past for whatever reason. Rather than judging them or assuming you know about their experience, just do something kind instead.

And if you do see someone being bullied, do what you can to support them in that situation. Stand with them, show bravery, and don’t be a bystander. If you feel as though things could get physical or dangerous, seek immediate help. Online, don’t share negative posts or pile on people in the comments. And in real life, always encourage anyone who is being bullied to seek out some of the many available resources.

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