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How to Pitch

Do you want to share uplifting, meaningful content with millions of people? Do you want to change lives? We are always looking for new voices to help inspire our readers and make the world a more positive place.

Sound good?

There are three main sections on Goalcast: uplifting news, relationships (both romantic and otherwise) and self-development (from daily habits and entrepreneurship tips to mindset hacks). Please consult the website to get to know our content — what already exists and what our voice leans toward — before pitching.

We pay for snackable (500-800 word) stories at rates competitive with other digital publications.

Who we’re looking for

Intelligent, uplifting and relatable storytellers who want to inspire readers to pursue their purpose and live out their wildest dreams. Knowledge of the self-development world is a plus, strong grammar skills are imperative.

Things we can rarely use

  • Travel stories (unless there is a universally uplifting takeaway)
  • Event/festival coverage
  • Book/product reviews
  • Fiction or poetry

Things we can never use

  • Takedown pieces, rants or generally negative concepts
  • Political stories or news coverage
  • Straightforward celebrity news (unless there is an uplifting takeaway)

Who are you pitching?

Your pitches will be read by Emily Manuel, the Managing Editor of Goalcast.

How to pitch

  • Email us at [email protected] with ideas you have for specific articles. Please include tentative headlines, any expert sources you will include, and a brief (one paragraph) summary of what your story will be about. Please do not include more than 3 pitches per e-mail.
  • Include any relevant writing clips you may have on hand.
  • Include ‘pitch’ in your e-mail subject line.

What to keep in mind while writing

  • Capitalization: Follow AP style for capitalizing article titles. Capitalize the first word in a subhead. In general, avoid unnecessary capitals.
  • Dates: Always use Arabic figures. Do not use st, nd, rd, or th if the year follows the date. However, use st, nd, rd or th if the year is absent. Writer out the names of months in full.
  • Dashes: The dashes we use have double hyphens and spaces. We don’t use em dashes or hyphens for dashes.
  • Foreign words: If a foreign word is needed in a story, italicize it and provide an explanation.
  • Fractions: Spell out amounts less than 1 in stories, using hyphens between the words: two-thirds, four-fifths, etc.
  • Magazine names: Capitalize the initial letters of the name and italicize the entire name.
  • Numbers: Numbers under 10 are spelled out.  Numbers 10 or higher are written as numerals.
  • p.m., a.m.: Lowercase with periods.
  • Pronouns: A company or organization should be referred to as “it” rather than “they.” For example: Facebook Reveals Its Latest Innovation, Tesla Is Doing Its Best to Give Back.
  • Spaces: No double spaces after periods.
  • TV titles: Italicize the name of the TV program, refer to for accuracy.