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  • Angelo Sorbello

    Angelo Sorbello is an entrepreneur and Management student at Bocconi University. 9 years ago he founded a group of online magazines that then sold in 2013. Now is CEO and Cofounder at InvincibleState, and he is working as advisors for several startups.You can connect with Angelo through his Twitter.
3 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Success

3 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Success

Despite what people might tell you success is always within reach. To get to your goals, even the most ambitious ones, you need to figure out what needs to be done to get there. Because, if you don't understand something, how are you going to get there? What we need to do is to find out the concepts, skills, habits, and strategies that have already been mastered by other outstanding achievers, over years. In this article, I enlist three easy concepts that have helped me accelerate my own progress and should boost your success in any field in your life. 3 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Success 1. Start a personal project Define a specific goal/project to realize in a specific period. It should be something that you absolutely feel is yours. Something that you are ready to fight for, and that you’re excited about. Basically, it should be something powerful for you. Something that gets you out of bed in the morning. From what I have seen, most of the time this goal is something that can create a huge impact for yourself and for other around (your family, friends, people in your age group, the less fortunate, etc.) This simple step will boost your willpower. Giving you more energy and force to act towards a life that is richer in the area that is relevant to you, from your personal relationships to your work life. Exercise. One way I like to start and that has always worked out - is to sign a sort of contract with a close friend (possibly an open minded one). Take a piece of paper and jot down: Me, NAME and SURNAME, born in CITY on DATE am going to accomplish: GOAL/PROJECT BY DATE. Signature of your friend Your Signature It’s crucial to write a specific goal that can be measured and a precise date. 2. Make choices on a long-term basis In an evolutionary point of view, those who are not adaptable to change will not survive. You should always be able to look at your lifestyle and be prepared to change certain habits and choices that you make so that it is more harmonious with your long-term goals. Most of us live too much in the instant gratification and we don't take the time to look at the long-term impact of our decisions Ask yourself: Is your current lifestyle sustainable? What impact does all that fast food have on your body? How often are you eating out? or spending on clothes? Is this financially sustainable? How is your smoking or drinking affecting your health in the long-run? Question yourself, your habits, how you spend your time and how you spend your money. You can do the same for your business or career. Ask yourself. Are you really aware of the trends in your sector? Are you looking at what your competitors are doing? How can you stay ahead? Is there a new technology or innovation that can threaten your job or business? How can you deliver even more value to your customers? Are you putting the time and effort (training, reading) to improve your skills? Start to think about your habits in a long term perspective. And stay aware of new trends. Long-term thinking will keep you on top of things. 3. Cut the useless information It’s time for you to stop taking suggestions from anyone who has an opinion. Don’t take tips on how to lose weight from who is overweight. Don’t take financial insights from who struggles to pay bills. Don’t take relationships advice people who you haven’t had a strong relationship themselves. Most suggestions are just opinions and they are mostly wrong. Most people just feel like they should say something when you are talking about your difficulties, so they just say the first thing that comes to their mind without giving it much thought. You don’t have enough time and energy to listen and evaluate what everybody is saying, so develop a filter that can only process the information that is useful. So what do you do when you need guidance? You need to find mentors for each field you want to excel at. For instance you want to be more fit, look to someone who is in shape and is an expert in that field. If you don't have someone like that around you, you should then look for a book on the subject or videos from experts online. A mentor can be someone you've never met, there are lots of valuable information online or in books. Once you choose a mentor in a specific subject (ex: Suzie for Fitness & Health, John for Personal Finances) only listen to that person for that particular subject and filter out everything else. Do the same for every goal you’re trying to achieve, in every area of your life. Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Finance, etc.