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  • Dana Oliver

    Dana Oliver is a PR professional who found career success abroad, from the Isle of Wight to New York. Next step: somewhere warmer, preferably.
5 Reasons Working Abroad Is the Perfect Career Move

5 Reasons Working Abroad Is the Perfect Career Move

Is your 9-to-5 feeling a little stale? Are you looking for a way to brighten up your career in your next move? Of course you could move cities -- but why not take it that extra step and move to a whole new country? It could be a move that defines your career for the rest of your life. For that reason, it can be a scary prospect to face. Here are a few reasons for why working abroad could be your perfect career move. 5 Reasons Working Abroad Is the Perfect Career Move Don’t pick a job with great vacation time. Pick one that doesn’t need escaping from. – Sukh Sandhu 1. Global networking A large and varied network can be the gateway to a number of opportunities, both professionally and personally. A global network can do this on an unimaginable scale. Unless you work for a large-scale company, it can be very difficult to nurture connections across large distances, whereas a career that spans the globe can make this distance vanish regularly. 2. Unbeatable growth opportunities Is adaptability something you claim as a core skill on your CV? Then there is no better way to showcase it than by taking on a new role in another country. After all, what could be more adaptive than getting to grips with a whole new culture and language? READ: 8 Reasons Solo Travel Is a Fast-Track to Personal Development A company in another country could also offer you new training opportunities that you would never have available to you at home. 3. Exploration Do you want to see the world? But your 9-to-5 job is keeping you grounded in one place? Then a career abroad could be exactly the excuse you need to start exploring without limitations. Once you have reaped the rewards of one location, you can then move on to the next for more adventures and new experiences. This is perhaps the most obvious reason to look for a career abroad, but it’s still one of the biggest reasons to go. 4. A new language and culture If learning a new language is on your bucket list, then jumping in at the deep end may be one of the most exciting ways to learn. Moving to another country means that you will have no choice but to learn on the go, an exciting prospect if you are a more in-the-moment kind of learner. READ: The 3 P's: Why Travel Matters for Your Personal Growth A culture other than our own can also be invigorating to learn about and experience firsthand. If the flavours of your home feel a little stale, then moving abroad can give you a chance to explore a new culture as a local and not in the superficial tourist way. Discover hole-in-the-wall bakeries, meet interesting locals, and see what a location is like during its off-season. 5. Jumpstart your career Is there an aspect of your current job that you are dying to explore, but there simply isn’t the opportunity for it where you are now? Not only could you broaden your horizons culturally, but making a career move on a global level could help you make waves in your career that simply wouldn’t be possible at home. Having an understanding of your career on a global level can make you an extremely lucrative prospect for employers. Not only do you understand your home country’s perspective, but that of another nation. For trade businesses and the like this could be invaluable. A global move can also mean a fast-track for your career ambitions. Whereas there might be a surplus of professionals in your niche in your home country, your skill set could be quite marginal in another -- making you not only the ideal candidate, but the preferred choice in many situations. Find a new lease on life There is a world of reasons to work abroad, and though it might not be for everyone, it could be the career move you need to find a new lease on life. So, what are you waiting for? Consult with your employment lawyers, get your ducks in a row, and start your adventure today.