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  • Eva Wislow

    Eva Wislow is a career advisor at Careers Booster CV writing service. She is on a mission to help people find their true calling. Eva finds her inspiration in writing and peace of mind through yoga.
Unfulfilled? Here Are 5 Ways to Find the Courage to Quit Your Job
Career Growth

Unfulfilled? Here Are 5 Ways to Find the Courage to Quit Your Job

You were somewhat enthusiastic when you started this job. It seemed like the right fit for your skills. Most of all, the money was good. Now, it’s not about the money anymore. It seems like you lack something, and you can’t put your finger on it. You’re bored. You need a challenge that will make you feel alive. Some people decide to fill in the gap by doing something great in their free time. They still don’t like their job. They do what they have to do during working hours, and spend the whole afternoon hiking or reading. That’s only a partial solution. You find a getaway, but you’re still not happy with the current spot your career is at. Unfulfilled? Here Are 5 Ways to Find the Courage to Quit Your Job Passion is the genesis of genius. - Tony Robbins Why You Need to Quit a Lousy Job If your job isn't fulfilling your expectations anymore, it’s time to quit it. Seriously! It seems like a drastic thing to do, especially in this crazy competitive market. There are too many job seekers and too few positions to compete for. Isn’t quitting a bad thing to do? No. In this case, you’re not quitting. You’re not running away. You’re going on the right path to career fulfillment. Isn’t life all about finding a deep sense of purpose? You’re not getting that feeling of accomplishment only by loving the things you're doing in your free time. Your job is a huge part of the duty you have in this world. It should contribute towards great things. You’ll know you’re doing the right thing only when you feel good about it. 5 Tips: How to find the courage to quit the job You understand all that talk. You realize you need to make a change. Still, quitting the job brings you on insecure ground. Insecurity makes you scared. You may spend days, months and years knowing that you have to quit, but struggling to find the courage to do what you’re supposed to do. Don’t let that happen! Here are five tips to help you make that bold move. 1. Evaluate your regrets Who knew that regret was a good thing? When you know some things should’ve or shouldn’t have happened, regret is a natural response. By analyzing it, you can understand where you went wrong and how you can change things. How do you feel about your job? Do you regret that you ever took it? Do you regret missed opportunities? How will you feel ten years from now if you don’t make a change? Do you like that place? Oh, we’re getting somewhere. Making regret a permanent state of being -- that’s the thing that should scare you more than making a change. 2. Evaluate your learning capacity Are you learning anything new in your job? Think: What additional skills have you developed over the last year? What have you learned? If you can do the work in your sleep and you realize you’re not learning anything new, it means this job is not challenging enough for you. The position is not pushing you to grow. It’s no wonder you’re feeling trapped. You’ll be happy with your job only when it sets the track for professional and personal growth. If you’re not recognizing those aspects in your daily work, it means you’re working just for the money. That’s not a good place to be at. It’s time to move on. 3. Make connections! What are your main interests? Is there something you always wanted to do? It’s time to get more familiar with the opportunities you’ve been missing out on. You’ll do that by making connections with people with similar interests. Where will you find them? On LinkedIn, of course! When you talk to people who are already on the path you would like to pursue, you’ll see all the benefits they’ve gained. If, for example, you’re considering switching your current career for freelance graphic design, you can connect with freelancers from all over the world through LinkedIn. Join groups, ask questions, and make as many connections as possible. When you realize that people are making it work, you’ll build a sense of security. You’ll gain the courage to have that talk with your current boss. 4. Take a vacation You do this every year, but this time will be different. Take a vacation with the purpose of thinking things over. Pick a destination you always wanted to see. You’ll make a better decision when you’re relaxed and happy. In such state of being, the question is not that scary: How would you want to spend your days? Nothing spells depression like going to a job you hate after a vacation you loved. If you were thinking about leaving, now you’ll have a really strong reason: The job seems worse once you get back from the trip of your dreams. 5. Work on your skills Before you leave this job, you have to work on your self-confidence. The transition period can be painful and full of regrets. You don’t want to get there. You’ll make a smoother transition if you obtain the needed skills for a new job while you still have the old one. The most successful people never stop learning. Follow their example! Focus on a skill that’s necessary for the career change you want to make. That will give you the confidence to initiate the change. Don't waste your life away How many hours a day are you spending at work? Many, right? A huge chunk of your life is reserved for your job. If you don't like it, what’s the point of making money? Cut the frustration! Find out what you want and go pursue the right goals!