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  • Kieran Macrae

    Kieran is passionate about sleep and is determined to prove that everyone can get a good sleep every night. He writes all about sleep on his blog in the UK, The Dozy Owl. When he’s not sleeping you can usually find him lost in a book at his favorite coffee shop.
5 Simple Habits to Become a Morning Person

5 Simple Habits to Become a Morning Person

Becoming a morning person can be hard if you're not naturally inclined that way. It can seem impossible to you that others are ready to leap into action the minute their 6 a.m. alarm goes off, while you're stuck drooling into your pillow. Well, impossible it is not!I've done a lot of research on sleep, and I’ve narrowed down the 5 best tips to help you transform your mornings, and with them, your life.5 Easy Habits to Become a Morning PersonSleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.- Thomas Dekker1. Water Is KeyDehydration is a killer. It leaves you sluggish while you're sitting at your desk, fatigued while you're walking around, and so stuck to your bed that you're unable to get up. Think about how long you normally go without a drink of water by the time you wake up. 10 hours, maybe 12? Of course you're going to be dehydrated! Is it any wonder you get the overwhelming urge to stay in bed?Always make sure to have a glass of water before going to bed, and see your mornings transformed.2. Break the Fast and Fuel UpAgain, think about how long it’s been since you’ve eaten when you wake up. Your body needs fuel for its fire to get it up and ready. Always have your favourite breakfast on hand to enjoy first thing in the morning. Break your fast and give your body the energy it needs to kickstart your day.3. Get a Proper Alarm ClockPhones should not be allowed near the bed. They can interrupt your sleep if you let them beep throughout the night, and staring at the screen before bed inhibits the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Besides, who hasn’t turned off the alarm on their phone in the morning, only to begin checking emails and sinking into the pool of stress that can ensue from bad news, something going wrong at work, or bills coming up? No one needs to start their day like that.Want to feel less tired in the morning? Try to get up gently. The best alarm clock to use for this is the Philips Wake-Up Light. It allows you to wake more naturally and gently by gradually turning on the light. It also has many selectable sounds and is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.Keep your phone away from your bed and buy yourself a proper alarm clock to create a distraction-free zone made for sleeping.4. Have a Consistent Sleep ScheduleMost people require 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Some need more or less, but it’s important to find what works for you and stick to it. Having a regular sleep schedule allows your body to get into a rhythm. This is how you begin to wake up before your alarm feeling refreshed and ready for the day.For many of us though, the hard part is going to bed. As grown-ups, no one really wants to have a bedtime, but setting yourself a window of time in which you always go to bed will produce staggering effects on the way you view mornings.5. Establish a Night-Time RoutineThis takes us nicely into the final point about setting up a night-time routine. In addition to having the bedtime window, you want to establish a regular routine that allows you to wind down so you can fall asleep easily. Personally, I find that reading fiction is the absolute best way to wind down in bed. After an hour of reading a captivating story, my mind is cleared of all worries and my eyelids are heavy and ready to drop. Just what the doctor ordered to fall soundly asleep.If you try only one of these things, have a glass of water before bed tonight and see how much fresher you feel in the morning. Then as a bonus, have some water as soon as you wake up and you will be raring to go!