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  • Mandy Morris

    Hey Goalcast Family! My name is Mandy Morris, and I LOVE helping people from all walks of life remove all the blocks (mental, emotional, and energetic) that are stopping them from living the beautiful life they truly deserve... and my DEEPEST hope is that I can help YOU find success, happiness, peace of mind, and true fulfillment through my articles here. You can also learn more about me here: MandyMorris.Love And in case no one has told you today, I love you.
How Authenticity Saved my Life - And How it Can Help Save Yours

How Authenticity Saved my Life - And How it Can Help Save Yours

Authenticity saved my life. Of all things, right? I never thought THAT would be the "game changer" that would make my life soar in an epic direction. I worked in a junkyard, I had abusive relationships of many sorts, and I struggled with anxiety and self-loathing, which led me to bulimia and other issues. Then, I became a complete control freak in all areas of my life, thinking that it would solve everything. I worked my way up the corporate ladder, getting a good job and what looked like a decent life, yet I was even more deeply sabotaging my greatness, because from the outside, everything looked great. The world couldn't see my scars, so I had finally won. Yet no matter how my environment looked, I kept waking up feeling so ungrateful for my hard work, my wounds wide open, feeling metaphorically feverish with infection, wishing I could curl up and disappear. I didn't believe I was going to achieve the two life goals I wanted so badly. To serve the world at the deepest level I was capable of, and to be at peace while doing so. You see, I have a mixture of psychology, science and energy in my background of studies, but I never applied my learnings correctly or found the true mixture that would turn the key of change for myself -- or anyone else, for that matter. Something was so deeply missing. Something was pulling my soul from my eyes, and it was that I had completely lost my true essence. Finding my authentic truth When I realized that, I began the journey of rediscovering who I am. The findings were surprising, and have been the most rewarding component of my new life. I want to give you three of the foundational pillars I use daily. They allowed change in my life, and that are now helping the hundred of thousands of humans I have been blessed to cross paths with. If you practice these daily, you will surely embody them in time and see a positive change in your life. How to confront your truths I start with this question: "What about you is not you?" Then, I stop and consider these two others questions: "Is this belief system mine?" "Is it serving me right now with what I want to be, experience or accomplish?" If it is not in alignment, I break a rule, and make a new one. As humans, we believe we are operating in our truth because, well, it's how we have always lived so how could it not be our truth? What we don't realize is that most often, it's just the programmed mind coming through. It's your parents' voice, or your past mistakes guiding you and your decisions. Basically, it's fear running the show. Every once in a while, this may work out alright, but most often, it causes confusion, anxiety and mental pain. We turn off what our soul is saying so we don't upset anyone, have to stand in our power, or question what we have been told and shown our whole lives. Most people stop here. They continue to follow that ONE blueprint of how to get from point A to point B and miss the whole point completely. That point is to CREATE. To know oneself, truthfully and authentically, to trust oneself, and create from that conscious and intuitive space. I don't care WHO told you you're not worthy, you'll never make it, you don't know how, or you're doing it wrong. It's not true. When you begin to lovingly confront your belief systems, even create an inventory of them, and then ask yourself why you believe that, you'll see that most often than not your answer won't be "because it feels right within my soul." Instead, you'll probably see that you'll say things like "because that's all I have seen," "that's what my parents did," or "I don't trust myself so I would rather pass off the responsibility." Create a belief inventory today, and look at your actions if you need help figuring out what they are. What are your beliefs around love or money? What does your reality SHOW your beliefs are? Why? Would you like to shift any of those beliefs? What would someone who has the desired beliefs act like? How do "they" handle life? The 3 steps to living with authenticity Live consciously This is not as simple as it sounds, it is not just about stopping and smelling the roses. What that means is that as you experience your day, you should experience it from many points of view, from many walks of life, and not just from your own eyes, since your own eyes can be the blindest of them all when it comes to uncovering your authentic truth. Base your self-perception on several perspectives. It will allow you to better understand your current reality, and by viewing your life without a veil, you will elevate your mental state massively because you will be living in truth. When you lift the fog from your mind, your body and spirit allow you to expand, be fully present, and, finally, create a deeper understanding of your authentic and highest truth. 2. Become aware of what you experience emotionally This is so important because if you often live in the past or future, you will not be in control of your state or your life. Focusing on what you are currently sending out into the universe allows you to take hold of your future and any desired outcome. Remember that at every moment, you are creating your reality, you are in full power of everything that happens to you, by you, through you and for you. Any disconnect happens if you don't realize what it is that you are actually asking or sending out into your environment. Therefore, when it comes back to you, it does not make sense. Or you receive what you have been hoping for, but it does not bring you the emotional experience that you were hoping to achieve because it is not in alignment with your authentic truth. 3. Focus on love By focusing on love, you allow yourself to immediately experience a more authentic truth. Now, if you need to raise your vibration or frequency, it is most certain that you are not currently experiencing the optimal frequency of love, let alone any other mindset you are trying to cultivate. For that reason, love is the easiest aspect of living your authentic truth to focus on if you want to elevate your life as a whole. From there, you can see and feel from a place of expansion, and pull forward what is truly yours to experience and feel authentically. The way that you may do that is through appreciation and understanding of others. Typically, when your vibration is low, it is either because energies that are not yours are attached to you, or because you have taken on other systems of beliefs that do not serve you. Understanding and appreciating others is a way for you to experience and send love. When you give, you also receive, so by giving love and experiencing love you complete the circle of elevating your state. Love is also another word for heal. There are times when your state is low because you are experiencing pain. The pain may stem from a previous experience in your life or a current one, but regardless of where it comes from healing needs to take place. Now, consider this: When you need to receive healing, perhaps it is not actual healing that you're experiencing, but simply a deep shift in your state where pain won't even exist anymore. Love allows you to shift planes of reality to something that will better serve you. It also helps clear your mind and may lead you to think in a completely different way than you did before. If it is difficult for you to understand and experience the concept of removing yourself from your current frequency to shift towards a frequency of love, imagine times where you felt accepted. Pull acceptance towards yourself and begin to create that emotional feeling inside of you, and you will then experience love. It is important you do not focus on the way society has taught you love should feel or should be, but that you simply allow love to flow through you, experiencing whatever love means to you in that moment. Love is all things, love can be acceptance, love can be happiness, love can be the absence of fear, it is not subjugated into one emotional experience of feeling love from another person or being needed by another person. It is far more expansive and beautiful than that. Create the life you desire It is my intention to set humanity free from the matrix of their minds, but I had to first do it for myself. Should you want to dig in deeper into these truths, sign up for my free webinar called How to Manifest Success, Happiness, a Fulfilling Life, and All You Truly Desire in Just 30 Days You wouldn't believe the CRAZY stories of manifestation that have been created because of this. You deserve to have the tools to live an unshakable and unbreakable life -- no matter the external situations at hand. Click this link now to register for the webinar. I'll see you there! And in case no one has told you today, I Love You Mandy