Mo Gawdat - happiness and gratitudevideo

Mo Gawdat: Happiness is a State of Mind

Mo Gawdat - Choose Happiness Author and Google X Chief Business Officer Mo Gawdat delivers an important message about gratitude, and reminds us that happiness is...
Beyonce - Our MIstakes Make Us Who We Arevideo

Beyoncé​: Our Mistakes Make Us Who We Are

Beyoncé - We're All Worth It Beyoncé tells women to remember that they are worth it, and reminds people not to fear mistakes, because they...
Leonardo DiCaprio speech on climate changevideo

Leonardo DiCaprio: Let Us Not Take Our Planet for Granted

Leonardo DiCaprio - For Humanity Actor and climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio calls on us to stand up and fight for the future of our...
Sylvester Stallone - No Man Is an Islandvideo

Sylvester Stallone: No Man Is an Island

Sylvester Stallone - Invincible Rocky Balboa star Sylvester Stallone talks about how he's still standing after all of life's blows, and how he couldn't have...
Princess (Lady) Diana - bulimia depressionvideo

Lady Diana: We Must Teach Our Children Their Worth

Lady Diana - Care For Others The late Princess Diana opens up about her experience with depression and bulimia, and urges us to care for...
BJ Miller - How I Fiound Beauty in My Brush with Deathvideo

BJ Miller: How I Found Beauty in My Brush with Death

BJ Miller - Reimagine Life BJ Miller talks about his brush his death, and shares the journey it sparked towards finding new beauty and meaning in...

The Decision That Transformed Tony Robbins’ Life Forever

Tony Robbins’ name is synonymous with happiness and success, but he had to learn self-development the hard way. He was abandoned by his father...