How Did Kim Kardashian Avenge Her Father After OJ Simpson Destroyed Her Family

When OJ Simpson destroyed her family, Kim Kardashian avenged her father Robert Kardashian.
Rabbi Abraham Twerski - True Love is a Love of Givingvideo

Abraham Twerski: True Love is a Love of Giving

Abraham Twerski - Love of Giving Rabbi Abraham Twerski talks about the difference between selfish love and true love, which must be a love of giving...

Andy Frisella: He Stabbed Me in the Face

Andy Frisella - Live and Learn On Lewis Howes podcast, Andy Frisella opens up about the life threatening event that led him to view the...

Blind Chef Makes Gordon Ramsay Eat His Words

Blind chef, Christine Ha, shocked the nation when she tried out for the reality show cooking competition, Masterchef. Perhaps even more surprising was...

The Women Who Spoke Out Against Harvey Weinstein

Serial predator of over 3 decades, Harvey Weinstein was Hollywood’s worst well-known secret... Until more than 80 women united together and...

Success Does Not Matter But This ONE Thing Does, According to Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow reveals the dark truth behind the potential cost of success... Are you striving for success, or what really matters?
Mother Teresa: Love Starts at Homevideo

Mother Teresa: Love Starts at Home

Mother Teresa - Love One Another Mother Teresa uses the story of a starving girl to urge us all to care for the hungry and forgotten, because...

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