Mother Loses 135 Lbs After Daughter’s Classmate Calls Her Fat

Rachel Saintfort was motivated to lose 100 lbs. in under a year after a cruel comment from her daughter's classmate.

After Years Of Neglecting Her Health, She Took Charge and Lost 150 Pounds

Adry Bella battled food addiction and struggled with her weight for years until one day in 2012, when she knew something had to change.

After Beating Cancer, This Woman Lost 243 Pounds To Be There For Her Son

Before her cancer diagnosis, Lukieya had always struggled with her weight growing up. Beating the disease gave her a new lease on life.

After Finding Out She Might Die, She Lost 170 Pounds And Went After Her...

Kaylee Bonnett always struggled with her weight. When she realized it held her back from the future she dreamed of, she decided to change.

Why Eminem’s Long-Awaited Apology To Rihanna About Her Assault Still Matters

Eminem is making amends. The rapper has said a lot of controversial, incendiary things over the years, but many believe that he...

After Years Of Battling Her Demons, She Took Charge and Lost 165 Pounds

After years of battling food addiction, depression and substance abuse, Courtney Maguire decided to quit drinking and turn her life around.

After Nearly Dying, This Man Lost Over 250 Pounds And Went After His Dream

After a nearly fatal asthma attack, John Arpino decided he would do everything to put his life back on track.

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