After Finding Out He Might Die, He Defied The Odds and Lost 600...

In 2003, Justin Willoughby was lying in a hospital bed in Pittsburg when doctors told him that if he didn’t lose weight, he was going to die. So he made major changes and lost 600 lbs.

Insecure In Her Body, This Woman Lost Half Her Weight And Became A Fitness...

At 22, Donna Gillie had a realization. She was tired of feeling insecure in her body and decided to make a big change in her life. So she lost half her weight and became a bikini model.

25 Self-Care Quotes That Will Encourage You To Treat Yourself Better

Everything needs tending to in order to function properly, and that includes you as well. Here are 25 self-care quotes that will encourage you to treat yourself better.

Why Jonah Hill Lived In Shame For So Long—And How He Freed Himself

Jonah Hill is famously known for his funny onscreen characters. In real life, he has been the victim of body shaming, which has had a profound impact on his life. This is the story of his inspiring transformation.

Man Loses 60 Pounds To Donate Kidney To Twin Brother

When James Ingley found out his twin brother needed a kidney transplant, he immediately set to lose the weight in order to be a viable donor.

Woman Loses 85 Pounds By Sticking To A New Year’s Resolution

Shannon Bartlett had been overweight since childhood and all her attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful until she made this New Year's commitment.
Jake Sikora

Man Loses Nearly 140 Pounds After A Triple Diagnosis

At the age of 35, Jake Sikora's weight brought on health complications so he began a gradual, but effective weight loss journey.

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