How Kumail Nanjiani’s Relationship With Emily V. Gordon Survived Major Obstacles

Kumail Nanjiani is quickly rising in the Hollywood ranks and part of his success comes from the movie 'The Big Sick.' Based on the true story of his relationship with his wife, it details the incredible obstacles they have to overcome, include her life-threatening medical condition, before their love prevailed.

Matt Damon And Luciana Barroso’s Romance Proves The Power Of Completely Embracing Each Other

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso's romance started when she literally helped him hide from his fans while she was working her shift as a bartender. At the time, Damon had given up on love but fate surprised him.

After Surviving Abuse Twice, Rihanna Is Ready To Have Kids With Or Without A...

Rihanna has lived through abuse twice--as a witness to her father's violence towards her mother and as a survivor of Chris Brown's actions. Years later, her perspective on motherhood tell us a lot about the powerful ways in which she managed to move forward.

Ciara and Russell Wilson Prove The Power Of Moving On From A Toxic Ex

Ciara and Russell Wilson prove that a past toxic relationship does not prevent you from moving on to a healthy and strong romance. While Ciara went through a rough patch with her ex Future, she was able to find her soulmate in Russell Wilson.

Octavia Spencer: Her Journey From Overlooked Typecast Actress to Boss Lead

Octavia Spencer has been in the acting world for ages, but it took the Hollywood world a while to catch up to her talent. However, the actress never gave up and today, she has finally become the leading actor in the movie Self-Made.

How John Krasinski Channeled His Parenting Fears Into His Craft

John Krasinski's inspiring trajectory from actor to director takes a new meaning as he revealed what made his first directorial endeavor so poignant. He was able to channel his parenting fears into the making of A Quiet Place, which has made the movie resonate with many.

At 50, Jennifer Lopez Proves That Women Can Age and Continue to Thrive

With a refreshing approach to ageism, Jennifer Lopez is living proof that women can continue to thrive, regardless of their age.

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