Nurse Infected With Coronavirus Gets Major Surprise From Jennifer Aniston

While our healthcare workers are going above and beyond to do their best against the coronavirus pandemic, it's important to take the time to celebrate them. Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel led by example when they surprised a nurse who has been infected and self-isolated.

A State Trooper Pulled Over A Doctor For Speeding But Gave Her N95 Masks...

Dr. Sarosh Ashraf Janjua was pulled over by a state trooper for speeding. Instead of giving her a ticket, the trooper did an incredible act of kindness and handed her his N95 masks instead.

This Couple Credits Quarantine With Saving Their Relationship

Greg and Rose Yerex were left stranded in a Princess cruise ship when one of the passengers tested positive for the coronavirus. While the experience was nightmarish, they still came out of the quarantine with a stronger relationship.

Man Writes Touching Note To Hospital Staff Who Saved His Wife’s Life

A man in Morristown, N.J., has gone viral after he was spotted holding a sign thanking medical staff for “saving wife’s life.”

Doctor Couple Cancel Their Wedding to Keep Fighting Coronavirus Together

Roberto Tonelli and Ivana Castaniere cancelled their wedding to be at the frontline of the fight against coronavirus. Their story reveals the intense and chaotic conditions of their everyday life.

Brooklyn Man Beats Social Distancing By Using Drone to Ask A Woman Out

In coronavirus time, where social distancing is now the norm, Jeremy Cohen found a way to ask a girl out. How did he do it? By sending her his phone number with the help of his drone camera.

Separated by Coronavirus, Husband Celebrates 67th Anniversary Outside His Wife’s Nursing Home

While the whole world is affected by the new measures to counter the coronavirus' contagion, there are still individuals who find creative ways to deal with distance. Bob Shellard did not want to miss his wedding anniversary, despite being separated from his wife. So he decided to do this.

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