This Father Knew He Wouldn’t Survive Til His Son’s Birthday So He Planned the...

Joe Kavaluskis lost a nine-year battle to cancer but before passing away, he made sure his son Logan would get the puppy he always wanted.
Scout the dog Superbowl ad

Man Buys $6 Million Super Bowl Ad To Pay Back the Heroes Who Saved...

When David MacNeil's peloved dog Scout was given a 1% chance at surviving his cancer, he refused to give up on him-- and so did these vets.

How This Moving Company is Helping Victims of Abuse Escape– And Find Better Lives

Aaron and Evan Steed founded Meathead Movers. After answering calls from domestic abuse victims, they have decided to commit to helping women.

This Man Has a Powerful Message For Anyone Questioning Why He Still Surprises His...

Billy Flynn Gadbois explains why he still takes the time to celebrate his ex-wife and how divorce does not have to be toxic.
Australian Zookeeper

Australian Zookeeper Saves Animals From Terrible Fires By Taking Them Home

Australia has been ravaged by bushfires, killing half a billion animals but the Mogo Wildlife Park zookeeper did everything to protect his.
Tiffany Seitz

Given Only 2 Weeks To Live at Birth, She Thanks Adoption For Saving Her...

Tiffany Seitz was born with cocaine addiction, inherited from her mother, and was only given 2 weeks to live but then, adoption gave her a chance at life.
Hippo Woman

A Year After She Survived a Hippo Attack, She’s Training for a Marathon

On her birthday, she was attacked by a hippo in Zimbabwe. A year later, she is back on her feet and training to run a marathon for charity.

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