Here Are Questions To Ask Yourself To Be Certain Before Getting Married

Getting married is a big step, which is why you need to be completely certain of your decision. And that has to start with some important self-reflection.

This Is How Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem Took Their Romance Beyond The Screen

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem may be one of the most secretive couples out there but that's exactly the key to their long-lasting union. This is how they've managed to defy the odds of celebrity relationships while still working together.

70 Years Ago, She Was Kicked Out For Loving A Black Man–Today, They Are...

When Mary Jacobs married a black man, her parents and society ostracized her. More than 70 years later, their love is still alive and thriving.

Wife Brings Husband Back To Life With CPR One Hour After His “Death”

When Sanita Lazdauska, 39, noticed something was wrong with her husband, Juris Lazduaskis, 45, she immediately sprang into action.

Beirut Man Rescued After Spending 15 Hours Under Destroyed Home

On August 4th 2020, the city of Beirut in Lebanon lived through a terrifying explosion. Amidst the tragedy and destruction, glimmers of hope emerge.

26 Years Later, Mother Helps Free The Man Who Shot Her In The Face

When Debbie Baigrie befriended the man who shot her in the face when he was just 13, people thought she was crazy. But she teaches us an important lesson.

Athlete Lost Race On Purpose When His Rival Didn’t See The Finish Line

When athlete Iván Fernández Anaya realized his rival ahead had made a mistake, he decided to help him win rather than snag the first place.

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