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Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Finally Buried The Hatchet After A Longstanding Feud

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have had a very public falling out but the reason behind their feud is much less dramatic than what the world wanted it to be.

Man Climbed Two Stories Every Single Night To Watch Over Dying Mother

Jihad Al-Suwaiti wasn't able to visit his mother after she contracted coronavirus but that didn't stop him from finding a way to see her before she died.

The Shocking Truth About Lizzo’s Weight (And Why We Have It All Wrong)

As a body positive icon, Lizzo has received more than her fair share of critcisim but after fitness coach Jillian Michaels attacked her, the truth came out.

Heroic Marine Catches Child Falling From Third Floor Of Burning Building

Jonathan Blanks showed exceptional heroism when he ran to catch a child who was falling from the third floor of a burning building, saving his life.

This Woman Lost 122 Pounds By Learning To Show Up For Herself

Kiah Twisselman thought she would be obese her whole life. After trying countless diets, she never saw promising results until she had a moment of revelation that changed her life.

Self-Compassion, The More Effective Way To A Better Self-Esteem?

Self-compassion, as opposed to self-esteem, is surprisingly a more effective method to foster a better perception of ourselves.

This Woman Lost 154 Pounds After Nearly Giving Up On Herself

Christine Pymble had always been overweight. Losing weight seemed like an impossible feat, until she decided she would not give up on herself.

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