From Nicaragua To The Most Famous Arms: Meet The Siblings Who Are Changing The...

Karina Salmeron and her brother Kenneth Villagra are not your conventional sister-brother duo. Together, they created Valas, a luxury fashion brand. They reveal the incredible story behind their initiative and their commitment to honouring their parents' sacrifice.

At 649 lbs, Woman Who Could Barely Stand Up Finally Turned Her Whole Life...

Nikki Webster went from weighing 649 lbs to finally gaining control of her life again. But her journey towards health was not without tragic obstacles.

Dad Who Was Laid Off Gets Hundreds Of Job Offers After Handing Out Resumes...

After being laid off from his job, Patrick Hoagland struggled to find a new work position and provide for his family. So he decided to get creative and stand on the side of the road, handing out his resumes. Little did he know that it would lead him to his dream job scenario.

After Leaving Her Abusive Ex, She Lost 134 Pounds And Met Her Future Husband

Alvina Rayne was stuck in a vicious cycle with a toxic man, which led her to adopt unhealthy habits. When she finally freed herself, she was able to live the life she deserved.

3 Years Ago, He Weighed 465 lbs But When He Met The Love Of...

At 465 pounds, Christopher Hasty was at a critical stage of his life. When he met his future wife Casey, he knew he had to change for the better.

30 Monday Motivation Quotes to Start Your Week With Enthusiasm

Weekends are great, but do we really have to hate Mondays that much? Here are 30 Monday motivation quotes to start your day with enthusiasm.

30 Inspirational Quotes for Work To Unlock Your Full Potential

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