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Heroic Marine Catches Child Falling From Third Floor Of Burning Building

Jonathan Blanks showed exceptional heroism when he ran to catch a child who was falling from the third floor of a burning building, saving his life.

This Woman Lost 122 Pounds By Learning To Show Up For Herself

Kiah Twisselman thought she would be obese her whole life. After trying countless diets, she never saw promising results until she had a moment of revelation that changed her life.

Self-Compassion, The More Effective Way To A Better Self-Esteem?

Self-compassion, as opposed to self-esteem, is surprisingly a more effective method to foster a better perception of ourselves.

This Woman Lost 154 Pounds After Nearly Giving Up On Herself

Christine Pymble had always been overweight. Losing weight seemed like an impossible feat, until she decided she would not give up on herself.

This Man Lost Over 600 Pounds After Choosing To Live

At 25, Matthew Houser weighed over 800 lbs and was told her would not live beyond 6 months if he didn't make any changes. So he turned his life around.

This Woman Lost Half Her Weight So She Could Be a Better Mom

Chelsea Dixon weighed almost 300 lbs when she realized she needed to make a major change in her life if she wanted to be there for her kids.

This Man Found a Greater Purpose By Literally Erasing Hate

Corey Fleischer erased his first hate symbol 9 years ago and hasn't stopped ever since. Now, his mission has reached the rest of the world.

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