30 Inspirational Quotes for Work To Unlock Your Full Potential

Yesterday you felt like you could take over the world and today you can barely roll out of bed. Here are 30 inspirational quotes for work to help you keep going.

5 Years Ago, He Was Sleeping Under A Bridge–Today, He Is A Millionaire

At only 17, Harry Sanders found himself living in the streets and couch surfing but he did not accept it as his reality. This is the incredible story of his journey from homelessness to being a millionaire.

This Man Lost Almost 200 Pounds In a Fight For His Life

Ross Gardner found himself at a critical point in his life when his obesity became life threatening. He chose to live and embarked on an incredible transformation journey.

This Is Why Lenny Kravitz’ Exes Still Love Him To This Day

Despite his intimidating appearance, Lenny Kravitz is one of the chillest dudes out there. And his high profile breakups speak for him. From Nicole Kidman to Lisa Bonet, Lenny's exes have nothing but great things to say about him and we should learn from that.

Michael Jordan’s Most Powerful Life Lessons For When You Feel Like a Failure

Michael Jordan is the kind of celebrity that doesn’t need any introduction. His unparalleled accomplishments and hard work have turned him into...

This Woman Lost 122 Pounds By Learning To Show Up For Herself

Kiah Twisselman thought she would be obese her whole life. After trying countless diets, she never saw promising results until she had a moment of revelation that changed her life.

This Woman Lost 154 Pounds After Nearly Giving Up On Herself

Christine Pymble had always been overweight. Losing weight seemed like an impossible feat, until she decided she would not give up on herself.

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