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Man With Autistic Grandson Custom Builds Amazing Magical Safety Bed  Takes the Internet by Storm

Man With Autistic Grandson Custom Builds Amazing Magical Safety Bed Takes the Internet by Storm

No two experiences of any disorder are the same, especially Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD can manifest itself in many ways, and people living with the disorder experience its effects to varying degrees. Some people are non-verbal, and others require higher levels of care from parents or caretakers in order to be safe.This was the case for one young boy, whose parents were struggling with his high needs, and were having an especially difficult time making sure he was safe throughout the night.That’s when Grandpa came to the rescue So my grandson was in need of a Safety bed. I didn’t like what I could find or the prices so I built him one. Thought I’d share. by u/libertyordeaaathh in Autism_Parenting Sharing his experience on Reddit, user libertyordeaaathh posted a video of the safety room he built for his grandson. He explained on the post that not only were similar beds for sale way too expensive, but they also were not very nice. The bed he built and designed was a completely immersive experience. It consisted of a twin bed inside a lockable encasing. The outside of the encasement looked like the outside of Winnie the Pooh’s house, complete with his familiar “Mr. Sanders” sign hanging over the door. The inside of the bedroom area looked like Pooh’s room but is complete with LED lights, a Bluetooth speaker, and wall-to-wall padding to protect his grandson from self-harm. Many people online wanted more information Users on the subreddit R/Autsim_Parenting were curious about the room, so the poster shared more information, explaining each cool detail of the space:“So he needs to be locked in. And safety requires a rescuer to be able to get him out easily.Lighting is just another tool to help him find calm and restful.Music, especially with a heavy beat, often calms him when he is upset. It can also produce white noise or anything else. Just another tool for his peace.The padding is because part of him and his condition, he will bang his head on things. He self harms at times.Fans: he is a clothing remover. So he has to be bundled to get him to stay in his diaper. This makes temp control important.Mostly it was adding things to make my daughters and son in laws experience of meeting his needs as much easier as I can with this tool. That’s all it really is. A tool to make his life easier and more peaceful.”His post unintentionally started a businessNot only did his post educate and inspire other ASD caretakers, but it also made people want to commission their own safety beds.Multiple users asked to private message the man to see if he could make something similar for their own children– or even for themselves!He did make his grandson feel specialNot only did his amazing work help his daughter and make his grandson feel safe, it also made his grandson feel cool. According to the poster, this is one of his more important accomplishments.“I want his things he has to have to be things people look at as cool rather than things that he gets put down for. He is special. If I can make his issues an advantage somehow then I’ll do my best”We hope this fantastic grandpa’s new safety bed business booms quickly because he is an amazing man who deserves the best.MORE FROM GOALCAST:10-Year-Old Girl With Autism Bullied At School — Turns Out Her IQ Is Higher Than Einstein’s7-Year-Old Boy With Autism Is Terrified of Riding the School Bus – Drivers Have an Unexpected ResponseBullies Always Excluded Student With Autism – He Hits Back With the Best Response