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  • Percell Dugger

    Percell Dugger is a Jordan Brand/NIKE Trainer based out of New York City. He is also the Director of Player Development at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, Head AAU Basketball Coach, and Founder of the #GOODWRK brand. He is also a Fitness and Sports writer, having written for Huffington Post, ESPN, Elite Daily and AskMen. Check him out on Instagram @good.wrk and on twitter @MrGoodwrk
We Reviewed Aaptiv, The Workout App for Busy People

We Reviewed Aaptiv, The Workout App for Busy People

These days, it’s not always easy to dedicate time to getting a quality workout in. There are hundreds of fitness apps that aim to inspire users to reach their fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle. But if you’re looking for a good sweat session and you only have a little time to spare, there is a helpful app that stands out from the pack. Aaptiv is an audio-based fitness app that comes with various workouts guided by personal trainers, complete with groovy tunes to keep your motivation going. For a monthly subscription, you can access the same type of high-quality workout experience you would get at a boutique fitness studio -- at a fraction of the price. Whether you're looking to do some guided tempo runs, strength train, or perfect your downward dog, Aaptiv has got you covered in almost any area of your fitness journey. What is Aaptiv? Founded in 2015 by Ethan Agarwal, Aaptiv was created out of the need to provide good workouts to people who live on-the-go lifestyles. It’s challenging to stay motivated or even build a relationship with a personal trainer when you’re constantly traveling for work, you're unable to get to the gym because you have to get the kids from soccer practice, or you're staying late at the office to make that good project perfect. Aaptiv aims to bring the quality of a personal trainer, the results of effective workout programs, and the inspiration you need to stick to a routine straight to your smartphone. And you don't need a gym to use it. How does it inspire us? Aaptiv is a good fitness application with quality training programs led by qualified fitness professionals. You really feel like you’re in the gym with a trainer when you’re taking Mike’s 30-minute strength-training workout. As for the running workouts, they remind me of the kind of experience that you find at a Barry’s Bootcamp or in an Equinox Fitness precision-running class. The great music, the trainer’s energy level, the challenging workouts and the timely reminders hold you accountable when you don’t feel like working out. There is also a workout challenge for the competitor in you. You’re always in total control of what workouts you’re doing, and can select a workout that best fits your schedule, as well as save the workouts that you like the most. Plus, the classes/workouts change every week, with over 30 options to choose from in each type of class. You’ll never get bored or feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. All of these workouts are available to you for less than $10 a month. Can it help you improve? Aaptiv is for the experienced fitness enthusiast looking for a quality workout program guided by uplifting and inspiring trainers. Whether you're training for a marathon, running your first mile, looking to bulk up, or want to gain some peace of mind in a yoga class, Aaptiv will get you there and keep you on schedule to reach your goals. Keep in mind that Aaptiv may not be for people who have never done strength training, since the strength workouts are audio guides and you can't see proper form in action. For example, doing an Arnold shoulder press without seeing the move may be extremely difficult for someone who’s never lifted weights before. For beginner-level runners, Aaptiv is a great tool. However, if you’re a more experienced/stronger runner, you may not find much of a challenge in the outdoor running, in which the fastest tempo pace is seven minutes per mile. The same can be said for the yoga workouts. They are great audio-based sessions if you know what warrior pose is. But if you have some basic fitness experience and you’re looking to get back on track with some quality workout programming and an upbeat trainer, Aaptiv is all you need. What do you need to try it? You’ll need a screen (phone, computer, or tablet). You'll also need some dumbbells for the strength-training workouts. If you have access to a gym, there are workouts built around specific pieces of equipment (i.e., rowing machine). If you're curious to try the yoga, get a mat to practice your soon-to-be-elite warrior pose. Lastly, depending on your location, you will need a pair of headphones to listen to the trainer cues. You’ll need a valid credit/debit card to register. This is a subscription-based app so yes, you do have to cough up some coins to keep the good times going. You will also need to download the app using Google play or the Apple app store. What’s included Audio-guided workouts Strength-training workouts Indoor/outdoor running workouts Walking workouts Yoga workouts Rowing workouts Elliptical workouts Indoor cycling workouts Stairclimber workouts Stretching routines Ab workouts Workouts for weight loss Training programs Guided meditations Race-training programs (from 5k to marathon) Partner challenges 20+ personal trainers Great music (top 40 hits) Ability to save your favorite workouts Accountability coaches/reminder notifications Potential drawbacks The major drawback using Aaptiv is that all of the workouts are audio-based. If you have never seen or done certain workouts, it’s a very challenging experience to simultaneously listen to instruction while executing your workout with proper form. I wouldn’t recommend the yoga or strength-training programs to someone who has little to no fitness experience. However, if you have experience lifting weights, practicing yoga and are confident that you can nail a workout with great form, I think Aaptiv will work for you! And while some users will consider the audio-based concept a drawback, others will see it as an advantage. We live in a world where we are often receiving audio affirmations and listening to podcasts. The feeling of being talked to directly is not only encouraging, it makes your experience feel unique and personalized. With Aaptiv, you never feel like you’re getting lost in some overwhelmingly large group fitness class. You almost feel like you’re being treated with the same focus and attention as someone who is in the gym with their trainer. Aaptiv is worth exploring during the free trial period because you can decide whether the audio-guided workouts and meditations are for you or not. Either way, you won’t complain about the actual workouts or even the music. But if you can listen to a Ted Talk or Soulection Radio, you will likely enjoy Aaptiv. If not, there is always YouTube. Where can you try this? Aaptiv is available for download here. Once downloaded you’ll have to agree to subscribe. Rates are less than $10.00 monthly and include a 30-day free trial, so you have plenty of time to properly try everything the app has to offer.