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5 Ways To Turn Your Pessimism Around by Being More Realistic

Finding a balance in order to avoid falling into the trap of pessimism is not an easy task.Here's how you can develop a more realistic way of thinking.

Learned Helplessness: What Is It And How Can You Overcome It?

When people are constantly exposed to situations that seem uncontrollable, they feel helpless. Let's find out what learned helplessness actually is.

The Four Agreements You Must Know If You Don’t Think You Deserve Love

Written by Don Miguel Ruiz, 'The Four Agreements' will teach you how to eliminate self-limiting beliefs that may cause you to think you don't deserve love.

25 Quotes About Strength That Will Help You Develop Resilience

The way you face life’s challenges ultimately defines you as a person. Here are 25 quotes about strength that will help you develop resilience.

I Realized My Relationship With My Mother Was Actually Toxic And Learned to Parent...

Not everyone is blessed with a good mother and unfortunately, the consequences of growing up with a toxic parent can have lasting effects into adulthood.

Man Loses 60 Pounds To Donate Kidney To Twin Brother

When James Ingley found out his twin brother needed a kidney transplant, he immediately set to lose the weight in order to be a viable donor.

Woman Loses 85 Pounds By Sticking To A New Year’s Resolution

Shannon Bartlett had been overweight since childhood and all her attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful until she made this New Year's commitment.

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