Kevin Love

How Kevin Love is Helping Change the Conversation About Mental Health

What does it mean to be a man? For so many years, it meant not being seen as weak, not opening up about your feelings...

Katy Perry Gets Real About Depression, Inspires Us with Her Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Ever since songs like "Firework" topped pop charts around the world, Katy Perry has been a household name in the world of music. She’s performed...

What the Frozen Movies Teach Us About Living With Mental Illness

The Frozen movies broke box offices records, but they also contain a powerful message about living with mental health struggles.

Kristen Bell Shares Simultaneously Heartbreaking and Inspiring Post on What It’s Like to Grow...

Kristen Bell is not afraid to open up about her struggles with anxiety and depression. The Hollywood star has been an outspoken mental health advocate,...

Introverted Tendencies: I Tried CBD to Help Ease My Social Anxiety

Having an introverted personality may mean that you prefer to recharge your social batteries alone, but it doesn’t mean your relationships, confidence, or ability...

After Hitting Rock Bottom, She Lost Over 150 Pounds And Turned Her Life Around

At 26, Christine Carter knew she had to make a change when her weight made her unrecognizable to her own family. She took a major leap and turned her life around.

Selena Gomez Reveals How She Was Broken Inside

Selena Gomez - Don't Stay Broken In an emotional acceptance speech at the American Music Awards, Selena Gomez   describes how she dealt with depression...

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