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Woman Lost 100 Pounds And Left Her Job To Chase Her Dream

When Cookie Miller received a terrifying diagnosis related to her weight gain, she knew she had to change her life. Weight loss was just the beginning.

After Her Boyfriend Dumped Her, Woman Lost 170 Lbs And Found A New Love

Alida Dreyer was told she was too overweight to have kids, which devastated her but also prompted her to embark on her amazing fitness journey.

At 73, This Woman Proves That It’s Never Too Late To Try Something New

Lauren Bruzzone has been active all her life but she decided that her old workout routine was not enough. Instead, she took it to the next level.

This Woman Lost 122 Pounds By Learning To Show Up For Herself

Kiah Twisselman thought she would be obese her whole life. After trying countless diets, she never saw promising results until she had a moment of revelation that changed her life.

This Woman Lost 154 Pounds After Nearly Giving Up On Herself

Christine Pymble had always been overweight. Losing weight seemed like an impossible feat, until she decided she would not give up on herself.

Here’s How The 5 Second Rule Can Turn Your Whole Life Around

Mel Robbins went through a very rough patch in her life and came out of it with a previous lesson on how to completely change your life, no matter what.

At 70, This Woman Defied All Odds By Starting Her Fitness Journey

After receiving a series of diagnoses for which she had to take medication, Joan MacDonald decided to make major changes, at 70.

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