This Woman Lost Over 200 Pounds By Shifting Her Mindset

At 28, Stacy Blair knew she had to make a change when she was at risk of not seeing her 30th birthday. So she decided to transform herself.

Woman Lost 134 Pounds By Addressing The One Unhealthy Relationship In Her Life

Christina Jordan received a major wake-up call which forced her to turn her life around in a major way and achieve her highest potential.

This Woman Lost 336 Pounds By Committing To A Better Life

At 514 pounds, Brittany May knew she had to make a change, as even her daily activities were difficult to accomplish. So, she started her transformation.

This Man Lost 303 Pounds After Deciding He Was Not Ready To Die

Jermaine Gause had reached a critical weight of 639 pounds when he decided he wanted to save himself by embarking on his weight loss journey.

This Woman Lost 160 pounds To Be A Better Mom And Kept Fighting Even...

At 322 lbs, Erica Lugo knew she had to take drastic measures if she wanted to be the best mother for her kids. Her weight loss journey is nothing short of inspirational, but it is what happened to her next that makes her even more of an amazing fighter.

This Man Lost 340 Pounds To Be A Positive Role Model For Others

At 600 lbs, Pat Brocco received a major wakeup call when his doctor told him he was at risk of dying in his sleep. So he began an incredible journey of transformation, beating all odds and becoming an example to so many.

This Woman Went From Weighing 410 lbs to Achieving Her Dreams

Rosie Mercado used to weigh 410 lbs. One day, she was told to pay for a second airplane seat because of her weight. That moment, she realized that things needed to change. So she embarked on her transformation journey.

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