Stranger Helps Homeless Artist Launch Website – They Make $51,120 in 4 Hours

Richard Hutchins went from homelessness to successful artist by never giving up on his dream and then sharing that dream with a kind stranger.

Man Goes From Janitor To Principal Of The School He Cleaned For 27 Years

Hard work and perseverance has the power to literally to change your life. But sometimes you need a little bit of inspiration...

Dedicated Man Loses 150 Lbs During Lockdown After His Scale Read 430 Lbs

Kyle White decided to change his life and lost 150 lbs during the pandemic lockdown after the scale read 430 lbs.

Inspiring Couple Loses Over 200 Lbs Together Before Their Wedding Day

Motivated by their upcoming wedding day, Mary Jane O'Toole and her now-husband Alex lost 200 lbs between the two of them.

At 288 Lbs, This Woman Transformed Herself After Setting An Ambitious Goal

Angela Colabucci lost over 100 lbs in just two years and even took on the incredibly challenging Tough Mudder obstacle course race.

Woman Loses 105 Pounds After Receiving High School Reunion Invitation

Liz Ash lost 105 pounds after receiving that daunting 20th year high school reunion invite in the mail and decided to change her life.

Woman Who Didn’t Want To Be a “Fat Bride” Loses 135 Lbs – Shares...

Jennifer Ginley-Hagan transformed her body and mind, losing 135 lbs in the process, by following these 10 tips!

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