Woman Too Heavy For Her Scale Has Major Wake-Up Call And Loses Over 200...

Noelle Dawson lost 234 lbs in one year by switching to the keto diet and incorporating exercise into her life.

Woman Loses 85 Lbs In A Year By Adopting This Totally Unexpected Weight Loss...

Cori Magnotta lost 85 lbs in the year after giving birth to her son when she discovered a fun hula-hooping workout routine that she loved!

Her Husband Cheated on Her – So She Lost a 100 Lbs and Turned...

Betsy Ayala lost over 100 lbs and transformed her life for the better after finding out that her husband was cheating on her.

Woman Lost 70 lbs And Turned Her Life Around After A Sudden Wake-up Call

Tiffany Hatfield weighed 196 lbs when she embarked upon a weight loss transformation journey losing 70 lbs and becoming a personal trainer.
Jason Statham

Jason Statham’s Humble Beginnings Prove Anything Is Possible

Jason Statham had to claw his way from the bottom to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars. His story is nothing short of inspiring.

Woman Cruelly Teased By Bullies For Her Appearance Gets The Last Laugh

As a young girl in Melbourne, Australia, Diane Frick tells the Daily Mail that she was cruelly picked on.

Man Lost Over 400 Lbs For The Love Of His Life–Then Pursued His Dream...

Brandon Scott lost over 400 lbs motivated by the love of his life, now fiancée Tayler Kunce, and his second love, music.

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