“I tell myself to give it my all and have fun, and I do!”

Since Victory Brinker was a toddler, it was clear she had a special gift. It didn’t take long for her to hone this gift either, and at just 7 years and 314 days old, she became the Guinness World Record holder for youngest opera singer after participating in eight professional performances.

However, that isn’t the only remarkable talent of Victory’s. Impressively, she also serenades audiences in over seven different languages.

On 6 July 2021, the young vocalist made history by becoming the first-ever America’s Got Talent contestant to receive a unanimous ‘Golden Buzzer’ from all four judges during her performance of “Juliet’s Waltz”.

“I was an early talker and started singing at age two.  Between age two and three, I was memorizing entire CDs with good pitch. I was always singing” Victory told Guinness.

Initial Interest Led to Hard Work

Her opera singing, however, began when Victory asked her mom to show her singers hitting high notes, just two days before her sixth birthday. Victory realized she was drawn to the vocal range of opera, and quickly became enamored by operatic arrangements and technique.

Her journey wasn’t without hard work, either. Victory meets with a coach once or twice a week to learn new pieces and languages. In addition, she practices with her mother daily, for about an hour.

“My mom taught me how to sing and helps me believe I can do anything,” Victory shared. 

All of her hard work has certainly payed off, and Victory has a slew of high profile performances under her belt.

Family First

In March 2022, Victory participated in the Italian television show Lo Show Dei Record, a program where contestants take a shot at Guinness World Records in front of an audience. However, before she hit the stage, she was already a record holder!

Victory has also appeared on NBC’s Little Big ShotsDr. PhilWonderama and is a frequent anthem singer for the NBA, NFL, and MLB organizations. This past holiday season, she even released her very first album, The Wonder of Christmas.

Before she had an audience to sing in front of, her family formed her foundational support network. Victory even joked, “sometimes my siblings get a little tired of me always singing and set up my bed with a stuffed animal audience, so I will practice in my bedroom.”

Her parent’s, however, are symbols of unwavering support, and Victory is evidence of what the support can lead to. “When we believe in our children, they believe in themselves and can change the world,” said Christine, Victory’s mother.

Dreams Beyond a Childhood in Opera

Christine maintains that her daughter’s success has been due her own goal setting, and views the parental support merely as encouragement. The drive comes from Victory, who has incredible parents to nurture her passion.

Victory has no intention of slowing down, either. “I would like to try to break the record for highest vocal note by a child…or maybe even an adult!” Victory told Guinness. She also has dreams of breaking into acting, in addition to furthering her piano and singing abilities.

Not even a teenager yet, Victory is an inspiration to others her age, as well as anyone chasing a dream. She hopes her achievements will inspire others.

“You can do it! Just do it one time and you’ll see it’s not so bad,” she said on the matter. “I tell myself to give it my all and have fun, and I do!”